Fake Teams' Mock Draft: Rounds 5-8

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Welcome to rounds 5-8! Hopefully the twitter reminders have been helpful to let you know when you're on the clock to help move the draft along. For the rest of the draft, we're going to be implementing a time change to help speed the whole process along.

Instead of 8 hours to get your pick in, you will now have 4 HOURS. If the time runs out and a pick has not been made, I'll make the selection for you based solely on Garrett's 250 players. But that's clearly not as much fun as being able to make a pick so please get your picks in on time. Obviously things will be a little different for picks overnight.

This is thread for Rounds 5-8. I will be posting these as fan posts and front paging them so all of our readers can read them and offer their thoughts on each pick.

I will post four comments (Round 5, Round 6, Round 7, Round 8) that we will use for each round. Someone please rec it so it appears in green and stands out for all of our readers to view. I will then make sure to rec all the picks as well so they can also be easily found.

Draft Order:

  1. Rob Parker
  2. GhostShow
  3. Matbrekk
  4. Mark Abell
  5. Travis Campo
  6. J.E. Barnett
  7. Pete
  8. Punk is Dead
  9. asaw780
  10. Baker's Dozen
  11. MIK57
  12. Ghoji Blackburn
  13. SaucyTortugas
  14. Eddy Almaguer

I have created a Google Spreadsheet where you guys can update with the picks you've made (also an easy way to keep track of what positions you've addressed).

2017 Mock Draft


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