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Which Giants hitters get a boost from desert games in 2020?

If MLB games are played in warmer Arizona and/or Florida climates in 2020, which Giants hitters could see a boost?

Top 15 hitters at each position for 2020

A look at the top 15 bats at every position in fantasy baseball.

What if the Chris Paul trade wasn’t blocked

In a move that still drives Lakers’ fans crazy, David Stern and the NBA blocked the Purple and Gold from landing Chris Paul. But what if that trade had gone through?

The most likely things to happen during the virtual 2020 NFL Draft, ranked

The NFL Draft is going to be virtual since everyone is still quarantined. I took it upon myself to rank the most likely things that’ll happen on draft day.

Would you rather draft Ceedee Lamb or Henry Ruggs?

The guys talk the NFL’s mishandling of Covid-19 and play Would You Rather!?

The greatest sports video game of all time: The Finals

We’ve made it. It’s time to choose the greatest sports video game of ALL TIME.

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2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide

Everything you need to win your fantasy baseball draft this year!

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Which Batters are Better at Home vs. the Road

Are Colorado players the best at home?

Exploring the LeBron James “Decision” Multiverse

What if LeBron hadn’t taken his talents to South Beach? What if he’d gone to Chi-Town or the Big Apple? Consider your questions answered.

Fantasy hockey’s most consistent point and goal scorers

Two stars emerge above the rest

The greatest sports video game of all time: The Final 4

We’ve made it to the Final 4. Who will battle in the championship?

What if the Portland Trail Blazers had drafted Kevin Durant

Now that we know how Greg Oden and Kevin Durant developed, what if the Blazers had taken Durant #1 overall?

Batters who excel with runners in scoring position

We are working in Eric Hosmer’s space now.

The greatest sports video game of all time: The Elite 8

We keep narrowing the playing field. We’re down to the Elite 8.

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What if the Detroit Pistons had drafted Carmelo Anthony

Melo lost no time in telling folks that had the Detroit Pistons drafted him in 2003, he would at least have two or three rings. I couldn’t leave that hypothetical untested, so I took to solve the unanswered questions.

Drafting the best TV shows with Heath Capps

The guys draft the best 5 TV shows to build the perfect viewing channel.

The greatest sports video game: The Sweet 16

We’ve made it through the first round of voting. Now it’s time to see what happens in the sweet sixteen.

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2020 Fantasy Baseball Preview and Rankings

Everything you need to get ready for the 2020 MLB (and fantasy baseball) season.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Heath’s top 15 at every position

Hitters only, today. And eat it, Bregman lovers. Arenado is still king of the hot corner.

What are average pitching stats in MLB right now?

Are the players on your team above or below average?

What is the greatest sports video game of all time?

Yea March is almost over, but hey, there’s no time like the present for a little March Madness bracketness!

2020 Player Profile: Austin Hays

Heath takes a 5x5 approach to Hays’ 2020 fantasy baseball value.

The best non-scoring NBA DFS games and performers of 2019-20

We all know points are the easiest path to bulky fantasy tallies, but who are excelling without relying exclusively in hitting the net? We take a look at what happened during the 2020 DFS season in the rest of fantasy categories.

2020 NFL mock draft: How things look after NFL free agency

With a lot of the big moves made in NFL free agency, let’s see how that might impact the NFL draft.

Noah Syndergaard to get Tommy John surgery, will miss 2020 season

Huge hit to the Mets pitching rotation.

Robby Anderson signs with the Carolina Panthers

Anderson joins a crowded receiver room.

What are average batting stats in MLB right now?

What exactly is considered average across the many stats?

Oh Boy! or O’Brien

The guys give NFL free agency moves they love & hate for 2020 fantasy football.

11 players to target in MLB The Show 20 franchise mode

We go around the diamond to fill any position your favorite team might have.

NFL free agency: Fantasy winners and losers

Which moves I love and hate from a fantasy perspective.

Top 30 MLB prospects for fantasy baseball in 2020

The Fake Teams writers rank MLB prospects based on probable 2020 impact—aka redraft value.

Fantasy Baseball Waivers: Deep League Adds for March 22

Heath discusses the latest waiver wire run in Fake Teams and Friends.

Fantasy basketball DFS squad awards

Taking a deep dive into what each franchise has done so far in the 2019-20 NBA DFS season.

Melvin Gordon signs with the Denver Broncos

The Broncos have a talented, but crowded, backfield.

4 hitters who should benefit from a delayed MLB season

After the pitchers come the hitters.

Todd Gurley signs with the Atlanta Falcons

Todd Gurley is back in Georgia!

3 starting pitchers who should benefit from a delayed MLB season

How does this hiatus affect hurt players?


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