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A Big Hello!

Saying ‘Hi’ for the first time

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


Firstly, I’d like thank Justin Bopp and David Fucillo for bringing me on board. I also want to give big thanks to Ray for guiding me through the transition and making this a seamless passing of the torch.

As for me, my name is Pete Rogers and, as Ray mentioned in his good-bye (which, if you haven’t read, get on that ASAP), I got my start covering fantasy football. I’ve been writing about football—both fake and real—for a little over five years. I’ve written for multiple sites, ran a few of my own, and most importantly won two fantasy football leagues this season, thanks to Ezekiel Elliott.

As my Twitter bio will tell you, I’m an unabashed Boston sports fan and will happily admit how spoiled that makes me. Malcolm Butler’s goal-line interception was—and still is—the greatest moment of my life and I will forever hate the Yankees for making Johnny Damon cut his glorious mane.

I’m extremely excited to join the team and build on what Ray and our talented staff have created. To me, that means producing insightful and in-depth pieces on all four fantasy sports, while also providing the resources casual fans need to succeed. (Tip No. 1: Don’t draft after drinking four 10% IPAs, otherwise you end up with Blake Bortles as your starting quarterback.)

You can find me on Twitter @petemrogers and on email at Please reach out at anytime with, well, anything! Always happy to talk fantasy sports, real sports and/or life in general.

I can’t wait to become part of this community and work with you all to make Fake Teams the best it can be.