Fake Teams Mock Draft: BIG THANKS!!

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We did it! After what felt like forever, we finally made it through all 20 rounds and managed to have a pretty good mock draft. If you want to see all the picks and very, very long comment sections, HERE are all the Mock Draft articles. The far easier way to see all the picks in the draft is to just check out our google doc.

I want to say thank you to all our writers who participated and to all our readers who joined. I know at times it was long and frustrating but I really appreciate the effort you guys put into the mock, it made it a lot of fun! Also thanks you everyone else who chimed in and gave their thoughts on people's teams.

We've decided to now take these teams and pop them into a very casual Yahoo league so we can see exactly how well all our teams will do. If you participated in the draft and would like to control your team, please sign up for the league using this URL.

If you just drafted for the fun of drafted and don't want to run a team, that's totally fine as well, let me know!

Again, big thanks to everyone who participated! It was a ton of fun and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as well.

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