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Week 5 bold predictions: Justin Jefferson torches the Seahawks

Give me all the Justin Jefferson shares this weekend.

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Just a refresher – I will provide 5 bold predictions each week. I will grade those 5 bold picks on the old elementary scale of grades A-D.

Onto Week 5 bold predictions!

1. Dak Prescott is listed as the QB3 this week, he will finish outside the top 12

Justification: It’s easy to be behind Dak as he comes fresh off two games where he scored a combined seven touchdowns throwing for almost 1,000 yards in the progress. He comes to New York Giants, this week where he likely won’t be behind by double digits and airing out the ball repeatedly to a prevent defense. He also meets a Giants defense who has allowed just one touchdown to each of Jared Goff and Nick Mullens over the last two weeks and intercepted Mitchell Trubisky twice three weeks ago.

2. New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers over/under is 50.5. Give me the over at 55.5

Justification: The Saints four games this season have ended with: 55, 58, 67 and 64 total points. The Chargers defense is likely better than Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, Green Bay and Detroit but it looks like the Saints will have Michael Thomas back. Additionally, under Justin Herbert’s second start, the Chargers lost to Tampa Bay 38-31 last week. I think we see a shootout this week.

3. Antonio Gibson is slotted as the RB22, this week he finishes as a top 10 RB

Justification: Antonio now has touchdowns in three consecutive games. He comes into Los Angeles Rams who allowed Miles Sanders 95 yards and a touchdown and Ezekiel Elliott. They are an average defense but Washington, with a new quarterback at the helm is likely to be more run centric as they acclimate Kyle Allen at quarterback. He has become a reliable source of moving the ball and they won’t be afraid to utilize that.

4. Justin Jefferson is slotted as the WR34, he will finish inside the top 20

Justification: Justin is fresh off back to back 100 yard games, one which included a touchdown. He comes to Seattle who stands a good chance of getting a lead early causing the Vikings to throw the ball a bit more. The Seahawks have allowed SEVEN WIDE RECEIVERS to have 100 receiving yards through four weeks.

5. Jason Myers has 3x as many field goal kicks as he’s had in any game this season

Justification: To be clear that’s three total. Wilson has been so good that he is kicking no more than one FG per game. That stops with Minnesota who has allowed yardage until the red zone where they have the third best Red Zone % (Chicago is the only one better). Don’t get me wrong, Wilson will score but the Vikings will stop them a few times right on the doorstep.

Week 4 Outcome

1. Preston Williams is currently slotted as the 42nd best WR option, he will finish inside the top 20. Outcome: This was an abysmal outing for Preston as Miami looked to go just about every EXCEPT him. Grade D.

2. Patrick Mahomes is slotted as the #2 QB, he will not fall within the top 10 vs. New England. Outcome: He finished 13th with a respectable 2 TDs and 236 yards. Grade A.

3. The winless Eagles beat the 2-1 49ers. Outcome: Big win for the Eagles to get their first W of the season. Grade A.

4. Devin Singletary not only has his first 100 yard rushing game of the season, but he cashes in on his first rushing TD as well. Outcome: Devin had a solid day getting his first rushing TD but having 55 rushing yards instead of 100. He did comfortably finish above his projected RB spot thought. Grade B.

5. Logan Thomas is slotted as the 18th best TE this week, he will be a top 7 TE. Outcome: Logan had a near non existent day finishing outside the top 40 for TE. Grade D.

2020 Grades:

Grade A: 6 times
Grade B: 4 times
Grade C: 3 times
Grade D: 7 times