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Fantasy Basketball 2021-22: 12 Players to Add with 4 Games This Week

Natty talks fantasy basketball adds for the week ahead.

Charlotte Hornets v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Lauren Bacho/NBAE via Getty Images

17 NBA teams play four games this week, October 25th through Halloween on Sunday. 12 of those teams have players who are widely available and are worth your consideration to add as a streamer or a straight-up roster lock. The other five teams (Detroit Pistons, New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, and Washington Wizards) don’t really have players who are widely available and are also worth picking up. That may change as the season goes along, of course. For now, let’s focus on getting ourselves volume counting stats with players who get four games this week. The players below are either in good positions to succeed or they’ve been fed the ball, and are amassing minutes and shot attempts. Remember, in fantasy basketball, minutes are like water, they make everything else grow. If your boy ain’t getting minutes, then they’re probably not accumulating counting stats.


Cam Reddish, SG/SF, 13.7% rostered (ESPN)

Did you know that Cam Reddish is currently second in scoring on the Hawks? Did you know he’s second in shot attempts?? Cam looks severely under-owned: if this profile continues, if he really gets this amount of volume, then he needs to be rostered, despite coming off the bench. This is a young player with pedigree. Time to believe.


Patty Mills, PG, 37.8% rostered

Patty Thrills finally missed a three point attempt, but he’s still the sixth man for this suddenly mortal-looking Nets team, and he’s still one of the main beneficiaries of Kyrie Irving’s absence. Mills is fourth on the Nets in shot attempts per game.


Kelly Oubre, Jr., SF/PF, 33.5% rostered

Brandon and I talked about the Hornets on this week’s Long 2 podcast, but we didn’t talk about Oubre. He’s fourth on the Hornets in points per game and shots per game, and he’s third in minutes per game. That’s a tasty fantasy profile, despite the fact that he only scored nine points against Brooklyn on Sunday. Oubre’s value depends on his scoring, but you can’t score without shots. So long as he gets those shots, the scoring should follow.


Ricky Rubio, PG, 38.5% rostered

Rubio is averaging 9+ assists per game, and he started in the Cavs last game. If he’s a starter, then his APG are hella valuable, and he should be rostered. Anything aside from the dimes, like points, are just gravy.


Jalen Brunson, PG, 8.4% rostered

Brunson is currently averaging 11 PPG, 4 RPG, 3 APG, & 2 3PM. He’s fourth in shot attempts per game for the Mavs, and fourth in scoring. I’m still not sure on how the Mavericks actually work as a team, but Brunson seems to have a secure role as the backup PG, similar to Patty Mills in Brooklyn.


Will Barton, SF, 26.9% rostered

Barton is SECOND on the Nuggets in PPG, minutes per game, field goal attempts per game, and he’s averaging 16+ PPG, 6+ RPG, and 3 3PM. What’s not to like? I assume Michael Porter, Jr., will overtake Barton as the team’s #2, but until he does, Barton’s opportunities are useful and he’s certainly worthy of a roster spot.


Chris Duarte, SG, 33.9% rostered

Rick Carlisle is currently playing a rookie, gasp! Duarte has looked GREAT to start the season. He’s currently third in minutes on the Pacers, SECOND in shots per game, & he’s now averaging 20+ points through three games. If this continues, he’ll be over 50% in no time.


CARMELO ANTHONY, SF/PF, 30% rostered

Melo! He helped win the Lakers’ first game against an electric Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies. He’s fourth in FGA on the Lakers, he plays a TON of minutes, and the Lakers NEED his scoring, apparently. Melo will be given plenty of minutes, either off the bench or spot starts, and those mintues will sometimes result in 20+ scoring nights, like against Memphis where he scored 28. Remember, Melo’s played with LeBron on world basketball teams, and he’s played with Westbrook in OKC. Perhaps he’s a bit of a glue guiy on this Grey Bush Lake Show? The Lakers have four games this week, they’re walking a bit wounded, LeBron may miss a game: seems like a good time to roster Carmelo.


Duncan Robinson, SG/SF, 27% rostered

I’m just going to keep pushing Duncan until his ownership is where it should be (MUCH higher). He’s a top 75 fantasy player who gets no respect. He’s fourth in MPG and FGA on the Heat, he’s averaging 11 points and 5 rebounds with 3 3PM per game, he’s a VITAL cog in the Miami offense, and he was fifth in 3PM/game in the entire NBA last season, and FOURTH in total 3PM with a 40+ 3PT%. He’s a sniper and his minutes and shots are safe. Pick him up and keep him.


Pat Connaughton, SG/SF, 13.6% rostered

Did you know that Connaughton is FIRST in minutes on the Bucks? He’s scoring 14-4-2 with 2+ 3PM, and he’s taking the fifth most shots on the Bucks, which will probably rise if his scoring continues. The Bucks are another team dealing with health issues; any player who can consistently score and provide spacing for Giannis is a player Milwaukee will want to feature. Pick him up while you can.


Franz Wagner, SF, 8.5% rostered

One of the rookies for the Orlando Magic, Wagner is FIRST in minutes per game on the team, THIRD in FGA/game, he’s scoring 14 PPG, 4 RPG, 2+ 3PM, and a block per game. I’ll take that from a rookie! If his role remains, or perhaps even increases, then he could be an absolute fantasy steal at under 10% rostered. He gets four games this week, and costs you basically nothing to pick him up.


Precious Achiuwa, PF, 6.5% rostered

Achiuwa is currently averaging a double-double. Do you need to know anything else? Until Pascal Siakam returns, Achiuwa should get the playing time and the counting stats will follow. Ride him until his role diminishes. Who knows, perhaps it will increase?