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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball (DFS) picks for Wednesday, June 3: Freddie Freeman, Evan Longoria, Joc Pederson, more

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day, and check the weather to make sure your players won't get rained out of their game.



1B- Freddie Freeman vs Rubby de la Rosa, $3,500

Freeman's 156 wRC+ vs RHP since 2013 is 4th best in baseball behind only Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera and Paul Goldschmidt. He gets a big park upgrade in Chase Field and faces a RHP who is poor against lefties. de la Rosa has a career 4.34 FIP vs LHB with it at a brutal 5.45 in 2015.

2B- Kolten Wong vs. Jimmy Nelson, $3,200

Wong has been moved up to leadoff, which is big for his fantasy value. He's a former top prospect and has made large strides in 2015, hitting RHP to a 139 wRC+/.179 ISO while remaining a SB threat. He faces Jimmy Nelson, and while the MLB sample isn't huge on him, he has been awful against LHB (5.29 career FIP, 6.40 2015 FIP).

3B- Pablo Sandoval vs. Phil Hughes, $2,300

Sandoval's price has tanked because of a poor total stat line, but he's hitting RHP at a strong clip (139 wRC+/.169 ISO). Sandoval is priced as a punt play but provides much more than that vs RHP, and Hughes isn't performing well this year. He isn't missing bats like he used to (swinging strike% down to 6% from 9% last year and K% down to 15% from 22% last year), and it's been a factor in his 4.59 ERA and 4.57 FIP.


1B- David Ortiz vs. Trevor May, $2,600

Like Sandoval, Ortiz's price has tanked because of a poor overall stat line, but he's still hitting RHP at a high level (140 wRC+/.222 ISO). Ortiz faces Trevor May, who has probably been victimized on his BIP by a bottom third Twins defense (FanGraphs grades them at -7.1, 22nd worst in baseball).

3B- Evan Longoria vs. Hector Santiago, $3,300

In 429 PA vs LHP since 2013, Longoria owns a 151 wRC+, 4th best among 3B, .220 ISO, 5th best, and 17 HR, 5th best. Santiago owns a 4.59 FIP vs RHB in that time frame, 10th worst among SP.

Coors Field

It's boring to write about Coors Field all the time, but a fantasy owner needs to take advantage of games played here, especially when the value is too good to pass up. Yasmani Grandal ($3,300) is hitting RHP to a 159 wRC+/.221 ISO in 2015 and is a career 130 wRC+/.180 ISO hitter vs RHP. Andre Ethier ($3,300) has a similar line vs RHP, hitting them to a 176 wRC+/.276 ISO in 2015 and 140 wRC+/.204 ISO for his career. Justin Turner ($2,800) doesn't play every day, but he has a 165 wRC+/.168 ISO in 312 PA vs RHP as a Dodger. Leadoff hitter Joc Pederson ($4,100) (before his huge day yesterday) had a 146 wRC+/.270 ISO in 200 career PA vs RHP with it at 157/.316 in 2015. They face Chad Bettis, who does have excellent numbers in a small sample in 2015, but I don't know how real it is. He has a career 4.29 FIP and ZiPS projects a 4.62 ERA the rest of the way.

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