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2016 Free Agents: Outfielders

Are your Outfield keepers on the move?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

To round out the position players, we hit the most exciting position of this series. Outfield is typically where your elite offensive firepower is held, and a few of those bats have the opportunity to relocate this offseason.  Below is the full list of 2016 free agent outfielders. (Previously covered players were not reposted on secondary position lists)



Yoenis Cespedes (30)


Rajai Davis (35)


Alejandro De Aza (32)


David DeJesus (36) - $5MM club option with a $1MM buyout


Chris Denorfia (35)


Jonny Gomes (35) - $3MM vesting/club option


Alex Gordon (32) - $12.5MM player option


Matt Joyce (31)


David Murphy (34) - $7MM club option with a $500K buyout


Gerardo Parra (29)


Steve Pearce (33)


Colby Rasmus (29)


Skip Schumaker (36) - $2.5MM club option with a $500K buyout


Justin Upton (28)


Chris B. Young (32)


Delmon Young (30)


Dexter Fowler (30)


Austin Jackson (29)


Denard Span (32)


Drew Stubbs (31)


Nori Aoki (34) - $5.5MM club option with a $700K buyout


Jose Bautista (35) - $14MM club option with a $1MM buyout


Marlon Byrd (38) - $8MM vesting option


Jason Heyward (26)


Torii Hunter (40)


Ryan Raburn (35) - $3MM club option with a $100K buyout


Grady Sizemore (33)


Ichiro Suzuki (42)


Will Venable (33)


Shane Victorino (35)

As is customary, worst first.  Do not keep: Alejandro De Aza, David DeJesus, Chris Denorfia, Jonny Gomes, Matt Joyce, David Murphy (sadly), Steve Pearce, Skip Schumaker, Chris Young, Delmon Young, Austin Jackson (:<), Torii Hunter, Drew Stubbs, Ryan Raburn, Grady Sizemore, Ichiro Suzuki, Will Venable, & Shane Victorino.  This group is made of successful platoon players, unsuccessful platoon players, aging stars, has beens, and never wases.

After cutting away the fat, there is actually a group of very, very good outfielders that may be free agents this offseason.

  • Yoenis Cespedes, who has had a magical two months as a New York Met, is going search for a 6+ year deal. The Mets ownership is not know for breaking the bank in free agency, so Cespedes will likely be on his 5th team in the past 3 seasons at the start of 2016.

  • Rajai Davis is the classic bench piece for speed needs. Shouldn't be kept in all leagues, but reasonably deep leagues always own him, and he annually returns 20+ steals
  • Alex Gordon, he's quietly having another solid season. Worthy of being a high end OF3, low OF2. This will continue.
  • Gerardo Parra, essentially the opposite of Cespedes at the trade deadline. Has been a complete dud for the Orioles, but don't count him out. I'm a believer that he can be a solid last outfielder on your team.
  • Justin Upton, the shining gem of this years FA class along with David Price. Upton is in his prime, is 28 years old, he'll be getting a monster deal, and it's very likely he is in a better environment than San Diego in 2016 and beyond.

  • Dexter Fowler is only 3 homers away from a 20/20 season, don't judge him as the failed big prospect from Colorado, this guy is good.
  • Denard Span has missed a lot of time this year. If he goes into next season healthy keep this in mind. Since 2013 he's hit .292/.345/.404, and averaged 21 SBs a season. He's a proven leadoff hitter, and I'm not sure the Nats want to hand the starting CF job to Michael A. Taylor who has been shaky in every chance he's been given.
  • Nori Aoki, in his 4 MLB seasons he's hit .288, .286, .285, .287 he'll be a nice backend guy again, and will definitely be in a better place to produce as a lefty than SF next season.
  • Jose Bautista will almost surely be given his team option, but its possible he becomes a FA, if you own him, hope he stays put.
  • Marlon Byrd is an ageless wonder, he'll be given another deal and will try and hit you 20 homeruns again.
  • Jason Heyward, still waiting for him to put together the mountain of talent he possesses. One day he'll be a OF1.

The OF crop on the move is a good one this year.  As an Upton owner, I'm curious to see who has the money and the need for the classic big bat corner OF.

On a side note, next week I'll be posting the final installment of this Free Agent 2016 series, and I'll be looking for players to profile once the offseason hits.  Post suggestions in the comments section below, or tweet your suggestions to me.