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FanDuel GPP Lineup Week 3 - Gronk!

Paying up for stars and looking for upside. Robert has one of his GPP lineups for you.

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I have been giving my cash game advice each week so far, with analysis on each player. Starting this week through the rest of the regular season, I will be offering up one of my GPP lineups with a short explanation on each guy. Let's get to those picks.

QB: Cam Newton ($7,900) - I want to pick against the Saints. Newton last week was running the ball, and when he did throw it, his receivers were catching sometimes. His receivers will continue to improve throughout the season, and will get a nice boost this week. Maybe he only throws for 2 TD's, but he could also add a score or two with his legs, making him a nice upside option at QB.

RB: Latavius Murray ($7,000) - I didn't expect the Browns run defense to look like this before the season. The Browns are allowing RB's to do as they please in the first two weeks. Murray should be next in line for that, and he has the skill set perfect for DFS. His usage in the passing game should continue, and he has big play potential, making him a great option for GPP's.

RB: Duke Johnson Jr. ($5,600) - Complete gut call here. The Browns go up against a bad Raiders run defense. This provides opportunity for the run game to once again play a big role. Now Crowell is the starter in Cleveland, however Duke was used almost as much as Crowell last week. All it takes is a couple of big plays, and he turns in a performance similar to that of Matt Jones last week. That is the upside I am playing for here, although the downside is that of 16 yards only. That is the risk you take though with these picks if you want to win big.

WR: Antonio Brown ($9,300) - He is the best receiver, and there is no question about it. That is why I want him in all my lineups, this way I won't miss out on another great performance.

WR: Allen Robinson ($6,600) - Listen the Jaguars are going to be down in this game. This means plenty of throwing opportunities, and more targets for Robinson. The Patriots defense is decent, but remember, garbage time stats still count the same in the end.

WR: Ted Ginn Jr. ($5,200) - Well I have Newton, so why not the receiver he targets the most, and has deep threat ability. Looking to differentiate a little bit with the pick to potentially being hole a bigger pot. Why can't Ted Ginn Jr. go all Travis Benjamin this week, other then it's hard to predict. Both guys are similar, so here is my dart being thrown at Ginn.

TE: Rob Gronkowski ($8,400) - In a GPP I want to fit Gronk in anyway possible. I was building a lineup that left the possibility for Gronk open, and it looks like he fits in. You don't realize how psyched I am to have Gronk in a lineup.

Kicker: Stephen Gostkowski ($5,000) - Well I had the money, so why not pay a little more for a guy who has high scoring potential this week.

DEF: Denver Broncos ($4,600) - The Denver defense has been great so far on FanDuel. They provide premium points per dollar, and that should continue this week. Stafford has been known to throw picks out there, and this Denver defense will make you pay. While others go with Seattle, take Denver, whose defense has been better this year and has just as good a matchup.

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