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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Baseball Links

Here are your fantasy baseball links for today, October 11:

Can Kelly Johnson Bounce Back? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Some of Johnson’s outlook depends on where he signs next season. Johnson should be a low-risk, high-reward signing for most teams, making him a potentially undervalued member of the free agent market. Should Johnson remain in Toronto, HR might be in for a nice rebound. Either way, Johnson should look for a team with a small ballpark, as his power is what really sets him apart at the position.

Marlins Should Go Long with Mike Stanton | Beyond the Box Score
This is not written from a fantasy perspective, but you should read it. I think you'll come away wanting to target Stanton in keeper leagues, and probably redraft leagues as well.

Dom Brown Up or Down? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

That makes him an iffy keeper and a better mid-to-late round upside pick next year, even if there’s probably an every-day job waiting for him. After all, when 2010 began, many of us thought that job was waiting for him already. Sometimes it takes some time to bloom fully.

2012 Fantasy Draft Value: David Freese | Roto Hardball

Freese's power numbers have been decent, but ultimately have left something be desired. He has displayed solid raw power as well as higher ISO numbers in the minor leagues, so there is some hope for improvement in the power department. At 28 years old, Freese is no spring chicken, but he should be entering his prime, and as his career has been delayed by injury, seems like a solid 'late-bloomer' candidate.

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Carlos Lee: Is There Anything Left? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Short answer: no.

AL Rookie Hitters: Don't Give Up Yet | Roto Hardball

He finished strong, hitting .367/.398/.620 over the last 28 days of the season, but for the year was at just .263/.309/.367. He's going to need to develop a little more plate discipline, if not for walks, than in order to wait for better pitches to drive -- with the pitcher ahead, Moustakas was 38 percent worse than your average hitter, batting just .186/.192/.220.

Final Pitcher ERA-SIERA Differential: The Potentially Overvalued | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Use this list with a grain of salt, though I would certainly expect Hellickson's ERA to be a bit more reasonable next year.

Final Pitcher ERA-SIERA Differential: The Potentially Undervalued | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Again, many grains of salt, although I agree with Podhorzer that Morrow's value is probably higher than his stock.

Top 20 1st Basemen, 2011 Fantasy Baseball | Razzball
A look back at how the top 1st basemen did in 2011 fantasy baseball.

Top 20 2nd Basemen, 2011 Fantasy Baseball | Razzball
Ditto second base.

Preliminary 2012 Rankings: Top 20 Outfielders | Rotoprofessor
There's no way I'd put Nelson Cruz as high as 16...or is outfield going to be really shallow next year?

Surprises and Disappointments, Shortstop | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Early 2012 Outlook: Top 10 Closers | Fantasy Baseball 365

Ryan Howard's Torn Achilles | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Sure, he could be a great buy-low candidate, but at this point in time, that’s too much of a risk to be willing to take. Remember when they said Kendrys Morales would be a great buy-low sleeper?

Quick drawing of Max Scherzer, done just as he gave up a home run to Nelson Cruz | Flip Flop Fly Ballin'