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Fantasy Hockey 2011: Weekly Roundup Week 1

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So the 2011-12 hockey season has finally started! If you're as happy as I am about this, then you know there have been already a few surprises already. This edition of the Weekly Roundup will feature some players how are unnoticed but are playing some good hockey or powerplay time, injuries and other news that catches my eye. Without further ado...

Oh wait, before I continue, keep in mind that this is only the first week of the season. The season is quite long so it would be prudent to just be patient and see how players perform as they play more games. Some players are doing well in the 2 games they've played so far but don't jump on so quick. If you have the space and you wish to take a gamble at some of these guys, be my guest. I'm just passing out a FYI to don't get too hasty in your adds and dumps on your roster. Anyhoo...

Evgeni Malkin, Penguins - What?! He's already injured? Yeah, I guess so but it sounds like he is "alittle sore" according to the Coach. They are clear that it has nothing to do with the knee he had surgery on so that's a plus. Otherwise, he's considered day-to-day at this time.

Vinny Prospal, Blue Jackets - Nope, no injuries here. Just a sleeper pick. He's playing top line with RIck Nash and Jeff Carter and he is a couple of years removed from performing a 58 point campaign with the Rangers. He's worth putting him on your watch list in shallow leagues but worth a gambling pick-up in 12 team or deeper leagues.

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Jiri Hudler, Red Wings - Much like Prospal, Hudler is benefiting from being lined up with Pavel Datsyuk and Danny Cleary. It's a very interesting move but according to Yahoo Sports, there's some history that he's had good times with that line configuration. Now that this is reunited, it's time to see if there are some good results to come from it. Again, worth adding him to your watch list but good for a gamble as a FA pick-up in deeper formats.

Luke Adam, Sabres - Another player benefiting from his linemates but this involves Derek Roy and Brad Boyes coming off of injuries and the Sabres want to work them slowly back into the lineup. He's certainly talented and worth the Sabres attention to keep playing with Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville. If you picked him up in shallower formats, keep playing him but be watchful for when he gets demoted by the lines after everyone's 100%.

Craig Smith, Predators - Unlike Luke Adam's situation, I think this has a chance to stick since he's playing in the top line and there's not much depth in this team. He was quite the scoring machine in his college years and he could be in for a good year as a free agent pickup if he keeps on performing well.

Nikita Filatov and Milan Michalek, Senators - This is more deeper league or roster territory here but they're both playing along side with Jason Spezza which means plenty of scoring opportunities with the great center. Put them in your watch list if you're in shallower leagues but keep in mind that they play for the Senators so they may hurt you in +/- if it counts in your league.

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