Fake Teams Mock Draft Thread- Rounds 1-3

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One of our readers, MIK57, had a great suggestion in the AQA thread to have an online mock draft thread here on the site.

So this is thread for rounds 1-3. I will be posting these as fan posts and front paging them so all of our readers can read them and offer their thoughts on each pick.

I will post three comments (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3) that we will use for each round. Someone please rec it so it appears in green and stands out for all of our readers to view.

This is a 15 team, 20 round mixed league draft. We will be posting the draft results in the body of this fan post as well as in a google doc, which will be provided later.

We will draft a C, 1B, 2B, S, 3B, CI, MI, 3 OF, UT, 9 pitchers

We ask that everyone make their picks within 12 hours of the last pick made. That said, this will be a slow mock, but with the snow storm on the east coast this weekend, hopefully we can get through a few rounds.

The participants in this draft are:

Fake Teams writers

Jason Hunt
Michael Schwarz
Domenic Lanza
Brian Creagh
Daniel Kelley
Rob Parker
Jack Cecil
Heath Capps
Tim Finnegan

Fake Teams readers

The Chair of Knowledge

DRAFT ORDER (updated)

I have never used a Google doc before, so hopefully the owners in this mock can update the attached with their picks as picks are made. I think I have made it shareable. Let me know if that is not the case.

2016 Fake Teams Mock Draft

Round 1

  1. MIK57 -Mike Trout
  2. The Chair of Knowledge -Bryce Harper
  3. netsfanrasmus - Paul Goldschmidt
  4. TINO24 - Anthony Rizzo
  5. Michael Schwarz -Clayton Kershaw
  6. Domenic Lanza - Carlos Correa
  7. Brian Creagh - Miguel Cabrera
  8. Daniel Kelley - Andrew McCutchen
  9. Rob Parker - Josh Donaldson
  10. Jack Cecil - Jose Abreu
  11. Heath Capps - Manny Machado
  12. Tim Finnegan - Giancarlo Stanton
  13. Jason Hunt - Jose Altuve
  14. Ray Guilfoyle - George Springer
  15. mattywood feslenraster - Adam Jones

Round 2

  1. Feslenraster - Corey Seager
  2. Ray Guilfoyle - Mookie Betts
  3. Jason Hunt - Joey Votto
  4. Tim Finnegan - Jake Arrieta
  5. Heath Capps - Edwin Encarnacion
  6. Jack Cecil - Kris Bryant
  7. Rob Parker - A.J. Pollock
  8. Daniel Kelley - Nolan Arenado
  9. Brian Creagh - Ryan Braun
  10. Domenic Lanza - Buster Posey
  11. Michael Schwarz - Starling Marte
  12. TINO24 - Jose Bautista
  13. Netsfanrasmus - Chris Davis
  14. The Chair Of Knowledge - Dee Gordon
  15. MIK57 - J.D. Martinez

    Round 3

  1. MIK57 - Max Scherzer
  2. The Chair of Knowledge - Todd Frazier
  3. netsfanrasmus - Chris Sale
  4. TINO24 - Zack Greinke
  5. Michael Schwarz - Madison Bumgarner
  6. Domenic Lanza - Charlie Blackmon
  7. Brian Creagh - Yoenis Cespedes
  8. Daniel Kelley - Jacob deGrom
  9. Rob Parker - Nelson Cruz
  10. Jack Cecil - Xander Bogaerts
  11. Heath Capps - Justin Upton
  12. Tim Finnegan - Matt Harvey
  13. Jason Hunt -
  14. Ray Guilfoyle
  15. feslenraster

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