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Minor League Level Review (AA): Billy Hamilton Approaches Vince Coleman

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We saw a number of the top prospects in the minors promoted to the AA level in the past few weeks, including this year's #3 overall pick Mike Zunino of the Mariners. As with the AAA level review, I will also be including the percentage chance I believe that each of these players has of being called up during the season. These are purely speculative on my part, just kind of what I think the chances are.

Dylan Bundy (BAL) - When Manny Machado was promoted to the big leagues, top pitching prospect Dylan Bundy was also promoted, but to the AA level. He has made one start so far there, getting the win with 5 1/3 innings, 3 runs allowed (2 earned), 3 strikeouts and 3 walks. There continues to be speculation that the Orioles might bring him up before the end of the season to work out of their bullpen, but personally I don't think it ends up happening. CALL UP CHANCE: 25%

Mike Zunino (SEA) - After thoroughly destroying the Northwest League, the Mariners promoted their top draft pick to AA. He finished with 10 home runs and a .373 batting average in just 29 games in the Northwest League, and I believe we could see him in the Arizona Fall League this October. CALL UP CHANCE: 0%

Billy Hamilton (CIN) - Hamilton has been slowed just slightly in AA, stealing 38 bases in 35 games. He's up to 142 stolen bases (through Friday) on the season, well within reach of Vince Coleman's record of 145 in a season. There's been speculation that the Reds might bring up Hamilton for September as a pinch running specialist, but I just don't see it with him not already on the 40 man roster. CALL UP CHANCE: 15%

Anthony Rendon (WAS) - Rendon has played in 4 games so far at AA, and I'd really like to see some sustained health at this point. He would be a top 25 prospect for me very easily if I had any faith at all that he would play more than 100 games a season. CALL UP CHANCE: <5%

Oswaldo Arcia (MIN) - Craig wrote about Arcia last week, and while I had seen him in the Futures Game, I really hadn't given him much thought as a top prospect. He has been crushing it for AA at age 21, to the tune of a .337 batting average and a combined 14 home runs between High-A and AA. CALL UP CHANCE: <1%

Gerrit Cole (PIT) - Cole had what might be his best start as a professional so far, striking out 9 over 6 innings of 1 run ball. The Pirates remain in the Wild Card race, and with Cole on the 40 man roster, I could see the team potentially bringing him up to use as a power reliever should they have that need. CALL UP CHANCE: 20%

Tony Cingrani (CIN) - I keep waiting for Cingrani to struggle, and it just doesn't seem to be happening. He went just 5 innings in his last start, but allowed just 5 hits and struck out 10 against Mobile. He is now up to 153 strikeouts between both stops in just 131 plus innings. CALL UP CHANCE: <1%

Cody Buckel (TEX) - Buckel has been a bit more human in AA, but he is still just 20 years old now. The control hasn't been as fine, as he has 23 walks in just 53 innings and 45 strikeouts in that time, but he'll likely be back in AA for next season. There has been speculation that the Rangers should try to cash in Buckel before the league catches up to him, but I'm not sure there was a lot of people who were very clearly overvaluing him to begin with. CALL UP CHANCE: 0%

Oscar Taveras (STL) - He just keeps hitting. He is at .320/.382/.571 with 21 home runs on the year, and there were reports earlier in the month that he might come up and play center field if the Cardinals lost another player to injury. Either way, I have a sneaking suspicion that Taveras will be a starter for the Redbirds by the end of Spring Training. CALL UP CHANCE: 50%

Jurickson Profar (TEX) - With the call up of Mike Olt earlier in the month, the speculation has been that Profar will not be very far behind him. He would have to be added to the 40 man roster to do so, but with a team primed for a deep postseason run, Profar will likely be on the roster by September 1st. CALL UP CHANCE: 70%

Other Notes:

  • Jameson Taillon was promoted by the Pirates to their AA affiliate in Altoona.
  • Xander Bogaerts has two home runs in his 6 games at AA Salem so far, and will likely start the 2013 season there as well.
  • George Springer was promoted to AA recently as well, and hopefully we'll get a better idea of what he can be there. He does have 7 strikeouts in just 18 at bats so far though.