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Minor League Monitor: Jean Segura Impresses, Gabriel Noriega Disappoints, Michael Choice Is A Bit Of Everything, A+ California League

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Eric Campbell started his pro career strong, looking like a potential top prospect, before his career stalled. He spent 2010 in the Independant Northern League where he finished 2nd with a 1.013 OPS. Signed by the Reds, Campbell is back in a major league system. He leads the California League with a .500 AVG and 1.356 OPS through 30 at bats. At 25 he is old for the level but it's a good start for a guy looking to re-establish himself with a major league club.

Jose Cisnero has 20 Ks in 10 innings and a 0.90 WHIP.

Mike Zuanich saw his ISO drop from .308 in 2009 to .139 in 2010. We can't make too much of a 30 plate appearance sample size but the .517 ISO is a promising sign that the power might be back. He has always had a good AVG with a career .323 mark in the minors, so he could be a promising prospect if the power stays.

Jonathan Galvez has a .429/.541/.643 triple slash line and 3 stolen bases without being caught.

Chris Sorce has been solid, leading the league with a 0.46 WHIP through 13 innings. Ryan Doolittle has been as impressive with a 0.50 WHIP and 11 strikeouts to Sorce's 7.

Jose Altuve could reach Double-A if he continues his strong play. He is hitting .378 with 2 doubles, 2 triples, a home run, 6 walks and 5 steals.

Zack Wheeler has 11 Ks in 10.2 innings to go along with a 0.75 WHIP and 2 wins.

Yasmani Grandal has not looked good at the plate. He is batting .182.

Coty Woods has set down 11 on strikes across 6.2 innings. He has 8 times more ground out to fly outs.

Michael Choice has been a mix of good and bad. The .200 AVG isn't pretty but the 6 walks are nice. The .225 ISO is good but the 16 Ks are not.

Tyler Skaggs has 13 strikeouts in 9.2 innings but 7 walks have contributed to his ERA sitting at 3.72.

Conner Crumbliss is dead last in the California LEague with a .043 AVG but he has managed to have a .294 OBP thanks to a league leading 9 walks. He walked 126 times last year.

Jean Segura is living up to his top 50 prospect status. His bat has popped 4 doubles and a home run. His AVG is .353 and he has stolen 3 bags, albeit with 2 times caught. He has hits in 8 of 9 games.

Nick Franklin got off to a 0-12 start but had 9 hits in his next 14 at bats. He is hitting .300 on the year.

Nolan Arenado is having a tough time getting out of the gate with a .231 AVG and 7 strikeouts to no walks.

Gabriel Noriega is not turning out to be the prospect Mariners fans hoped he would be. He is hitting a pedestrian .161 with 14 strikeouts and zilch walks.