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Fantasy Hockey: Injury Report

This article deals with any injuries to significant players on your team and what you should do about it.

Chris Pronger - D - Flyers

The latest news says that Pronger has been playing without any hindrances to his hand injury. He even paticipated in full practices on Saturday but he didn't play. It would surprise me if he's not activated in the next game on Tuesday or Thursday at the very latest. I would go ahead and activate him for the week.

Mike Green - D - Capitals

No, no, no! He didn't have anything else happen to him! He's actually been skating for the past three days and it's looking very promising on his recovery from a concussion. Unfortunately, since he's on the long term IR list, he cannot be activated until March 22nd. If you're still in the playoffs or in the hunt in roto or points leagues, he may be in your FA pool and I would certainly give him a great gamble in your lineup.

Brian Campbell - D - Blackhawks

He was out on Wednesday to a leg injury and there were concerns that he may have reinjured his knee earlier this season but it sounds like it's not as big of a deal as some were making it out to be. He's been practicing and seems to be doing well. He's a game time decision for Sunday's game but I would think he'd be ready for action sometime next week.

Sam Gagner - C - Oilers

Dang. The week I suggest giving him a shot and he gets a freak accident happen to him. He had his hand cut accidentally by a teammate when he was jumping in the bench and they did surgery to repair the tendon. He's naturally out for the rest of the season so feel free to dump him.

Milan Hejduk - W - Avalanche

All we know is that he has a shoulder injury from Friday but the team is not giving any more news about the injury so far. He's now being called day-to-day but I would keep a close ear to the extent of the injury and whether you should dump him for the sake of better production in your FA pool.

Paul Stastny - C - Avalanche

He suffered a back injury in the same game the Hejduk injured his shoulder but again, the Avs aren't saying much about the extent of the injury as of press time. Again, keep a close ear to the news on the extent of that injury to detmerine whether to hold or dump.

Drew Stafford - W - Sabres

He hurt his hamstring on Thursday's game, didn't play today and doesn't look like he'll play the next couple of games at this point. Bench him since it sounds like this won't go away after a couple of days rest.