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5th Annual Fake Teams Fantasy Baseball Team Names Contest

After a one year hiatus, I think it is a good idea to bring back the annual Fake Teams Fantasy Baseball Team Names Contest. Eric Hinz, the former manager of Fake Teams, originated this contest 6 years ago, and I know there were some asking for another contest last year, but I never got around to it.

To enter, you must register with Fake Teams and post your entry in the comments section of this post. As we have done in the past, I will select the 5 best team names submitted, and Fake Teams readers will vote for the top 3 fantasy baseball team names.

The winners will receive a yet to be determined prize. I will update this post with the prize when it is determined. I am open to suggestions, within reason, but one of the prizes will be the 2011 Baseball Prospect Book written by SB Nation's own, John Sickels, who runs Minor League Ball. I was thinking that Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster would be another appropriate prize.

The contest will remain open till Monday March 14th. Then Fake Teams readers will vote for the best team names till Friday March 18th. 

Fake Teams writers are not eligible for this contest.

Like past contests, here are the links to past entries along with one for a team name generator.


  1. 2008 Contest
  2. 2007 Contest
  3. 2006 Contest
  4. Team Name Generator

2008 Winners:

  1. Itchy Buchholz
  2. Always Wear Clean Hunter Pence
  3. If Olney I Had A Brain

2007 Winners:

  1. Schoenweiss and the Seven Dwarves
  2. Idaho Youdapimps
  3. Vlad to the Bone

2006 Winners:

  1. I'm Bill James, Bitch!
  2. Jeters Never Prosper
  3. Trailer Park Chan Hos
  4. VORP Sense of Humor
  5. Shriveled Barrys