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Fake Teams BBA BLOGZKRIEG Draft Results

I was asked to participate in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance BLOGZKRIEG mixed league auction draft last week. The auction is a slow auction, where league owners have 24 hours to bid on a player nominated. Each time an owner bids on a player, owners have another 24 hours to place their next bid on the player. It is a 5 x 5 league with each owner filling the normal 23 man roster with a 7 man bench with a $330 budget. I asked Jeremy to co-manage the team with me.

I have to say the idea of a slow auction is growing on me. I am not sure I would ever suggest not doing an in-person auction, but the slow auction has its advantages, for people who work alot of hours or have a busy family life.

The league includes fantasy writers from various other fantasy baseball blogs including Rotoprofessor, Fantasy Baseball Hot Stove, Bleacher GM, and The Sporting Hippeaux among others.

Here is our roster as it stands now:

C-Brian McCann-$21

1B-Miguel Cabrera-$38

SS-Stephen Drew-$17

3B-David Wright-$36

OF-Jose Bautista-$27

OF-Matt Kemp-$33

OF-Carl Crawford-$36

SP-Jon Lester-$26

SP-Dan Haren-$19

So we have spent $257 of our $330 budget on 9 players so far. leaving us with $73 to spend on 21 players. I think we have solid contributors at each position, but will have to bid smartly the rest of the draft to fill out our roster.

We curently have bids on Shane Victorino, Aubrey Huff, Kelly Johnson, Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Sanchez, Phil Hughes and Daniel Hudson. I will post another article when our roster changes in the next day or so.

Did we overbid on any player?