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NBA DFS: Fred VanVleet and best/worst DraftKings daily fantasy basketball plays for Saturday, Feb. 8th

Duds and studs. Good and bad plays. We take a look at the past and upcoming NBA games to let you know what’s going on and how to tackle your DraftKings plays.

Toronto Raptors v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to your daily NBA DFS digest at FakeTeams, gents. Every day I’m here with a handful of pro-tips to roster a winning team just a few hours from now. On top of that, I’ll bring you some news, statistical trends from the past few days, some studs/duds from the last slate of games, and much more!

Hoop Land Times: News and notes from around the Association

  • We’ve entered that stretch of calm-before-the-storm-after-the-storm. No more trades this season, so everything seems quiet right now. Don’t get fooled, though, as the buyout market will heat up before you even realize and some postseason-swaying moves will get done in no time.
  • Just ask the Bucks. Just hours after Charlotte cut Marvin Williams the Milwaukee Bucks jump all over and signed him for the rest of the season. After not swinging for the fences or attempting a last-minute trade, the Bucks got themselves a good addition here. Williams is not a season-changer but will provide quality minutes off the bench. Only 20 players in the NBA are posting averages of at least 6.5 ppg, 2.5 rpg, and 1 apg per game in less than 20 mpg. Williams is also hitting 1.1 three-pointers per game, and that bit reduces the 20-player list to one with just six names, Marv’s included.
  • The Pistons might buy Reggie Jackson’s contract out. If that’s the case then it will be pretty obvious than Jax will end in either Los Angeles team with most probably Darren Collison going to the other one.

Duds and Studs: Last night slate roundup

  • You have to feel for Dame. In The Night of the Robbery, Lillard went off the charts again to cook himself a massive 42-burger which he accompanied by a stuffed side dish made of 6 rebounds, 6 dimes, 1 steal, and 2 blocks. He attempted a slate-high 30 shots against the Jazz in an unconscious 43+ minutes of playing time. All in all, 66.5 DKFP to lead the league yesterday.
  • No more players in the 60s but five in the 50s, not bad. Kelly Oubre Jr. led those with 58.75 DKFP after dropping 39 on the Rockets (including 7 treys) and grabbing 9 boards. Christian Wood had a neat trip-dub of 27 pops and 12 rebounds. Furkan Korkmaz (!) finished with an impossible 34-6-4-0-1 line in his 29 minutes of playing time shooting 76.5% from the floor. Jayson Tatum and Devin Booker had themselves 32 and 33 scoring nights respectively with the former getting 4 rebounds and 6 assists, and the latter putting up 9 rebounds and 3 dimes.
  • Not hard to know who was the ROI King yesterday... Korkmaz’s 52 DKFP priced at just $3.2K had an astonishing 16.25 ROI for his bettors. Who would have thought!?
  • Props to some other good value-returners: Thon Maker (33 DKFP at $3K), Romeo Langford (31 at $3K), Brandon Goodwin (31 at $3K), and Terence Davis (37 at $3.7K).
  • Tonight, the DOTN Award goes to... DeAndre Ayton and Kristaps Porzingis in an unexpected tie! Ayton played 23 minutes and finished with 28 DKFP after entering the slate priced at $8.6K, while Porzingis played only 21 minutes at $8.8K to get himself a paltry 31 DKFP... Bed-crapping all around them.
  • Some bunch-a-duds: Pascal Siakam (21 DKFP at $7.5K), Dennis Schroder (23.5 at $6.8K), and Jaren Jackson Jr. (14 at $6.1K).
  • We saw eight dub-dubs to the tune of the boards (and up to five players only missed on it by one rebound!) but only two pairing points and dimes. No triple-doubles around the Association but plenty of great three-point shooting with 11 guys hitting at least 5 long-rangers and Lillard leading them all with 8 3pm.

What’s cooking? Statistical trends from the past seven days

  • Terence Davis is going nuts. Three games played in the last week, 32 DKFP average per game, 27 minutes, 20-5-1-1 line scoring 4 (!) three-pointers per game while shooting 62.7% from the floor. Absolutely unsustainable but is he hot these days.
  • Tyus Jones has been great too in his short 19 mpg. His line reads 15-2-5-1 and he’s contributing all across the board. Korkmaz explosion yesterday just confirms his good four-game run this week: 27 DKFP per game to the tune of a 17-4-2 line pretty nice for his low minutes and bench role.
  • Go get Miles Bridges, and play him nightly. Bridges’ last three games: 36.3 mpg in which he’s averaged 20.3 ppg, 9.7 rpg, 1.3 apg, 0.7 spg, and 1.3 bpg. Serious, serious production right there.
  • Although he keeps putting up some numbers, Trae Young isn’t even close to returning as much value as his average price ($10.1K in the last week) says he should. Trae is averaging 45 DKFP nightly, yes, but his 28-4-6-1 line is falling way short of expectations. The same goes for Kawhi Leonard, Joel Embiid, Pascal Siakam, and Rudy Gobert. Tough week for all of them.
  • More worrying (considering all of these players are priced at $6K+) are the cases of Spencer Dinwiddie (29 DKFP, 16-4-5), Jrue Holiday (24 DKFP, 9-3-5-1-1), and Montrezl Harrell (23 DKFP, 15-5-1).
  • Cheap points (min. 3 games played in the past seven days): Furkan Korkmaz (16.5 ppg in 24.3 mpg), Josh Okogie (16 in 29.3), and Eric Paschall (15 in 26.3).
  • Cheap threes: Duncan Robinson (4 3pm in 32.5), Bogdan Bogdanovic (3.7 in 31), and Avery Bradley (3.3 in 22).
  • Cheap boards: Enes Kanter (10.7 in 22.7), Derrick Favors (10.3 in 22), and Ivica Zubac (8.7 in 21).
  • Cheap dimes: Dennis Smith Jr. (6 in 20.7), Rajon Rondo (6 in 20.3), and Ish Smith (5.3 in 25.3).
  • Cheap steals: Mikal Bridges (2.5 in 34.5), De’Anthony Melton (2.3 in 21), and O.G. Anunoby (2.3 in 25.3).
  • Cheap blocks: Brook Lopez (4.7 in 30.3), Mo Bamba (2.0 in 10.8), and Myles Turner (1.5 in 29.3).
  • Cheap shooting: Tyus Jones (66.9 fg% on 10.7 fga), Jordan Clarkson (57.4% on 11), Monte Morris (51.5% on 11.3).

Gotta Win The Day: Best/Worst DraftKings plays for tonight’s slate

  • Love: (PG/SG) Fred VanVleet, TOR ($6900, vs BKN): With Lowry having shoulder problems and out at least for one game—even more with tonight's affair coming as the second-leg of a back-to-back—FVV has everything to thrive. Look, Freddy hasn’t been otherworldly lately, but he’s returned enough value as to consider him a bargain today given the price and the situation. Since coming back from injury himself on Jan. 18 FVV is averaging 37 DKFP in his last 11 games. His line reads 17-4-7-2 and his stuffing the boxscore day in and day out. The dimes are always high putting him at dub-dub reach, and he always finds a way to boost his rebound/triples numbers to add some extra sauce to the outcome. Incredibly high minutes with the usage about to get higher just because of the Klow absence.
  • Hate: (C) Deandre Ayton, PHO ($9100, vs DEN): The algorithm is definitely broken. Just in case you have skipped all of the filler before this section, this was Ayton yesterday: 12 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks... against the center-less Rockets! In 23 minutes! How the hell are you trusting a big man that plays less than half a game total minutes and can’t even produce big numbers against the silly tiny Rockets!? Not only that, but the price is all the way insane for some unknown reasons that go beyond human reasoning and is only at reach of stupid algorithms. Not only that (part 2), but Denver happens to have someone named Niko roaming the paint and stretching the floor on offense, too. I mean, is this a joke or what? LOL.
  • Love: (SG/SF) Buddy Hield, SAC ($5700, vs SAS): Since hitting the bench a few games ago Buddy seems to have found the fountain of youth he drank from earlier this season. Also, he’s flying totally under the radar as his super-low price indicates. Since he started riding the pine my Buddy is scoring 22 ppg, grabbing 5 rpg, and dishing out 2.4 apg. The triples are mental hitting an average of 5 long-rangers a night while maintaining a high 50.3 fg% from the floor attempting an average of 15.1 shots every day. The usage is high as he leads the second unit. Hield has become a microwave shooter with upside on the rebounds cat and some sprinkled assists here and there, but the shooting/scoring is where he finds his mojo.
  • Hate: (PG) Elfrid Payton, NYK ($7500, at DET): Damn, son. Put together a couple of good games and see your price tag skyrocket. Payton has had three incredibly god games lately: 45, 59, and 47 DKFP in those, that is. Truly great outcomes for someone... that was averaging 26.7 DKFP in his other 30 games of the season. That’s your true Elfrid right there, my men. These are the Knicks, and for some mystical reasons Payton has been able to put together a completely bonkers string of performances that no one is able to explain. He’s dropped 15+ points in his last three, recorded a dub-dub and a trip-dub, and even got 7 steals in his last game against Orlando just three days ago. His season-long averages, though? 9.4 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 6.8 apg, and 1.6 spg. Not falling for the trick.

If you have any comment or question about the daily column, tonight’s games, players involved in them, or even season-long fantasy NBA topics, just drop it below or reach out to me on Twitter at @chapulana and I’ll get back to you as soon as I grab a keyboard!