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Minor League Level Review (AAA): Trevor Bauer, Jedd Gyorko, Julio Teheran


As the minor league season winds down, we're starting to see which teams will get to keep playing into September in the two AAA leagues. These could definitely impact which prospects are called up to the Majors during the month of September, as some teams want to get their players some experience in the playoffs, even if only at the minor league level. My post on Monday will take a look at some of the top prospects who could see a September callup, and whether it is at all likely or not. With that in mind, let's take our last regular season look at the AAA leagues, and what some of the top prospects have been doing there.

Julio Teheran (ATL) - Teheran has been just as up-and-down at the end of the season as he has been all season really. He had a great start on the 14th, striking out 9 and allowing just 1 run over 8 innings. And he proceeded to follow that up with 7 earned runs over 2 2/3 innings pitched. At this point, I really want to see him put it together for a fairly long string of starts before I'll believe that he's ready to take over in the Braves' rotation.

Wil Myers (KC) - The Royals' AAA affiliate has already clinched a playoff spot, and I would have to imagine at this point in the season they wouldn't consider promoting Myers until their playoff run is completed. He is now up to 35 home runs between both levels, and I would be extremely surprised if he isn't the starting right fielder for the Royals come the start of next season.

Jedd Gyorko (SD) - Gyorko has 28 home runs on the season, but to me he seems extremely unlikely to be called up for the last month of the year. The 2B prospect is not on the 40-man roster yet, and it seems like the Padres don't want to make that decision until after the season if they can. Add in the fact that the major league team isn't competing for a playoff spot, and I have a feeling Gyorko's season will end with Tucson's.

Grant Green (OAK) - Green is a prospect I go back and forth about, but he's having a very good year in Sacramento. He's hitting .294/.337/.451 with 13 home runs and 13 stolen bases while playing all over the field. I'm wondering at this point, since he doesn't appear to be able to play any of the positions particularly well, if he ends up as a super-utility for next season in Oakland.

Shelby Miller (STL) - Miller is looking more and more like the top prospect he was coming into the season, as he has struck out at least 7 in his last 5 starts, including a season high 12 on the 21st. The Cardinals are doing alright in the rotation at the moment, and I'm wondering if there may actually not be a spot for him this year.

Trevor Bauer (ARI) - Bauer appears to have turned a corner in his last two starts, as he has thrown 16 innings between the two, while striking out 21 batters and walking just 2. The biggest complaint against Bauer has been efficiency (or lack of), so these two starts appear to be a step in the right direction