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Head-to-Head Points League Strategy: Waiver Wire Week 4

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After a game of Snake and a quick bit of number crunching on my Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculator, it looks as though Matt Kemp is on pace for 647 HR this season and like 18,104 points in H2H leagues. Holy (insert Rhianna joke here)!

While that math’s probably not correct, as I still don’t truly understood exactly how to use that beast of a calculator, the early sample size suggests Ray’s love of all things Dodgers and Matt Kemp was spot on this offseason. Nice work, Ray!

When a LA reporter asked Matt Kemp if he still thought he could go 50/50 this year, he said, "Shoot! I’ll go 100/100, cure cancer and tell you what to get your wife for her birthday when she says she doesn’t want anything but secretly really does and is just testing you."

And, you’re in luck because Matt Kemp is only owned in 99% of Yahoo! leagues. So, if you’re in that 1% and just crawled out of the rock you live underneath, "Hi! Matt Kemp is a really, insanely good baseball player. It’s odd that you’re reading a website devoted to fantasy baseball and you don’t know that, don’t you think? You should pick him up, like … right now!"

For those of you in leagues where Matt Kemp is owned, check out the Week 4 Waiver Wire Advice down below:

All players in this post and pre/proceeding waiver wire posts are owned in less than 50% of Yahoo! leagues (I’ll do my best to call out some players owned in less than 10-20% of leagues as well, for you deep leaguers out there in Fake Teams land).


Chris Iannetta, LAA Angels – 26%

I’m sure everyone in the Angels organization expected Chris Iannetta to be their best offseason hitter acquisition out of the gates. "Albert who? That guy we owe a small country to? Oh, right." Iannetta is currently tied with Alex Avila for the second most points amongst catchers with 28 points behind only Yadier Molina at 44.

Jonathan Lucroy, Milwaukee Brewers – 24%

If I told you Jonathan Lucroy has more HR than Ryan Braun, you’d say, "So what? It’s a really small sample size." OK. True. But … he does and is tied for the fifth most points at the catcher position.

George Kottaras, Milwaukee Brewers – 3%

What am I, a Brewers fan or something? Wu Tang Clan blares from the Miller Park speakers when George Kottaras comes to bat which alone is reason enough to own him. Another reason is that he has 3 HR and sees somewhat regular starts behind the plate, including being Randy Wolf’s personal catcher, and Ron Roenicke isn’t afraid to use him as a late-game pinch hitter. Grab him and Lucroy both and you’ve got the Crew’s catcher situation on lockdown, holmes!

Others to consider:

AJ Ellis, Los Angeles Dodgers – 3%, Josh Thole, New York Mets – 4%, Kelly Shoppach, Minnesota Twins – 1%

First base:

Shelley Duncan, Cleveland Indians – 3%

I should make more of a point of thanking my parents for not giving me a girls’ name when I was born. You should make it a point to grab Shelley Duncan ASAP … for points. Don’t look now Alec, but his playing time could be in Jeopardy when Johnny Damon joins the team, but until then, I’d get me some Duncan.

Luke Scott, Tampa Bay Rays – 4%

Great Scott! No, really. Luke Scott has been pretty great this year as the Rays’ DH.

Matt Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals – 4%

Word out of the "Lou" is that the Big Puma should be prowling first base again on Tuesday night. But, in his stead, Matt Carpenter was an equally fierce jungle cat and is currently among the Top 12 scoring 1B. Don’t be surprised if the Cardinals turn to Carpenter to nail down a spot in their lineup again this season.

Others to consider:

Adam LaRoche, Washington Nationals – 44%, Casey Kotchman, Cleveland Indians – 3%, Todd Helton, Colorado Rockies – 13%

Second base:

Mark Ellis, Los Angeles Dodgers – 3%

Obviously you read last week’s article and Mark Ellis is already on your team. No? Well, here is a linky dink. Also, in case you didn’t read the beginning of this post, I’m bad at math and Matt Kemp is going to hit 647 HR this year … and Ellis is batting in front of him in the lineup.

Chris Getz, Kansas City Royals – 1%

Chris Getz took a big step in separating himself from his platoon with Yuniesky Betancourt with a 3-5, 2 SB performance on Sunday. Go get Getz!

Others to consider:

Aaron Hill, Arizona Diamondbacks – 39%, Marco Scutaro, Colorado Rockies – 16%, Darwin Barney, Chicago Cubs – 7%

Third base:

Chase Headley, San Diego Padres – 34%

Chase Headley is the current lead vote getter for an award I just made up called The Most Boring 3 Hole Hitter in the MLB Award, but he also leads all third basemen in BB with 11, which is also boring, but good. What’s bad is he also leads all third basemen in strikeouts with 12. To be honest, I’m not even sure if I’m recommending him or not. This blurb is currently leading in votes for The Least Decisive Waiver Wire Blurb Award.

Others to consider:

Matt Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals – 4%, Kyle Seager, Seattle Mariners – 19%, Robert Andino, Baltimore Orioles – 16%


Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants – 2%

I wouldn’t say I’m recommending Brandon Crawford so much as I’m saying he is a MLB player who plays shortstop and is momentarily scoring more points than other MLB players that play shortstop. Perhaps the best thing Crawford has going for him is that there isn’t currently another MLB player on the San Francisco Giants that plays shortstop better than him.

Alex Gonzalez, Milwaukee Brewers – 6%

Similar to Brandon Crawford, Alex Gonzalez has no one challenging him for playing time. Better than Crawford is that Gonzalez has as many HR as JJ Hardy and more than Troy Tulowitzki.

Others to consider:

Kyle Seager, Seattle Mariners – 19%, Marco Scutaro, Colorado Rockies – 16%, Robert Andino, Baltimore Orioles – 16%


Denard Span, Minnesota Twins – 14%

In the world of H2H points leagues where more is more, Denard Span sees everyday playing time and gets more ABs as the leadoff hitter for the Twinkies. The other thing that’s neat about him is he is actually a pretty good #3 or #4 outfielder and is within the Top 30 scoring at the position. I’m somewhat surprised Span isn’t owned in more leagues. For reals.

Cody Ross, Boston Red Sox – 11%

Uber bad news for the 99% of fantasy baseball owners with Jacoby Ellsbury on their team. Uber good news for the 11% who own Cody Ross. Do you dislike people that say "uber" as much as I do?

Ryan Sweeney, Boston Red Sox – 6%

Replace "Cody Ross" in the blurb above with "Ryan Sweeney" and you’ve got two recommendations in one! It’s like the turducken of fantasy baseball.

Others to consider:

Shelley Duncan, Cleveland Indians – 3%, Luke Scott, Tampa Bay Rays –7%

Starting pitcher:

Jake Arrieta, Baltimore Orioles - 18%

It goes against everything I believe in to recommend an AL East pitcher. Especially an AL East pitcher that doesn't play for the Yankees or Red Sox, but Jake Arrieta has left me without a choice. Over three starts now, Arrieta has a 2.66 ERA, 0.89 WHIP and 16/4 KBB with the second of the starts coming against New York. So, that's one of those out of the way. Woo-hoo! His 51 points place him in the Top 7 scorers amongst pitchers.

Kyle Drabek, Toronto Blue Jays - 17%

I must be losing my mind. Two AL East pitchers in one post? Kyle Drabek is a former stud prospect and is now just looking like a stud in his first two starts of 2012. Thus far Drabek has compiled a 1.42 ERA, 1.03 WHIP and 10/4 KBB to go along with a 2-0 record. I don't know if I'd throw him into the Yankee fire just yet, but I wouldn't hesitate to throw him onto my roster.

Jake Westbrook, St. Louis Cardinals - 11%

Bill Duncan must have left a little of his magic behind in the Cardinals dugout because Jake Westbrook has started the season kaiser style. Which is to say, on a roll. Over 14 innings, Westbrook has allowed only 1 ER and has a WHIP of 0.86 vs. the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds. The NL Central is a lot friendlier than the AL East and Westbrook's new delivery could help him build on his 2-0 record in 2012. Westbrook might not get you the Ks you desire, but, to quote the late Al Davis, "Just win, baby!"

Kevin Correia, Pittsburgh Pirates - 1%

Kevin Correia is about the only pitcher thus far to face Matt Kemp and not surrender a long ball to him. Does that make him worth owning? At this rate, maybe? Oh ... and he's been pretty solid all around with a 1.50 ERA, 0.83 WHIP and 1-0 record.

Others to consider:

Joe Saunders, Arizona Diamondbacks - 8%, Bartolo Colon, Oakland A's - 17%, Rick Porcellom Detroit Tiges - 20%, Derek Lowe, Cleveland Indians - 6%, Tommy Milone, Oakland A's - 7%

Relief pitcher:

Santiago Casilla, San Francisco Giants - 32%

I'm probably about 4-5 days late on this one, but in case you are on of those owners that lives under a rock in the league that Matt Kemp isn't owned in ... Brian Wilson is done for the year. Santiago Casilla is a likely candidate to take over the 9th and should be owned in all leagues at this point.

Craig Stammen, Washington Nationals - 3%

Over 7.2 IP in 2012, Craig Stammen has 10 K to go along with a 1.17 ERA, 1.17 WHIP and 2-0 record. With the Nationals closer situation still somewhat up for grabs, Stammen could get consideration in the not too distant future if neither Brad Lidge or Henry Rodriguez emerge as a favorite.

Bryan Shaw, Arizona Diamondbacks - 10%

Bryan Shaw already has 2 SV this season. That's more than Joel Hanrahan of the Pirates. Hell, based on the Pirates offense that might be more than Joel Hanrahan has all season. Anyways, back to Shaw. It looks as though if something were to happen to JJ Putz injury wise (not the craziest possibility) that Shaw would leap frog David Hernandez to take over the closer role.

Others to consider:

Any RP in considerations for saves.

Hit me up below with questions/comments: