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Jason Hunt is a contributing writer for Fake Teams, the fantasy sports site of SB Nation. He writes primarily on fantasy baseball, with an aim toward prospect analysis and the minor leagues. He can be found on Twitter @jasonsbaseball.

Off Topic: What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

If you came for the fantasy analysis, this time it is sorely lacking. You should read it anyway.

Rankings in Review: Preseason Top 10 Catching Prospects

The Buy and Hold, 2016 Week 19

Two more graduate from last week’s list as we approach the end of the minor league season.

The Buy and Hold, 2016 Week 18

Roto Roundup:Is Jonathan Lucroy Still A Brewer at the End of the Day?

Roto Roundup: Jonathan Lucroy, Andrew Miller, David Dahl

Moving On Up: Raul A. Mondesi

The Royals may have just helped your standing in stolen bases.

The Buy and Hold, 2016 Week 16

We’re still waiting for Alex Bregman.

MLB Prospect Review: Andrew Benintendi, OF, Red Sox

There have been rumors that the Red Sox are considering calling up top outfield prospect Andrew Benintendi. How does he profile for fantasy, and could he help your team this year?

The Buy and Hold, 2016 Week 15

There’s a new name at the top of this week’s Buy and Hold.