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Jason Hunt is a contributing writer for Fake Teams, the fantasy sports site of SB Nation. He writes primarily on fantasy baseball, with an aim toward prospect analysis and the minor leagues. He can be found on Twitter @jasonsbaseball.

Revisiting the Minor League Leaderboards: Walk Rate

Midseason Consensus Top 50 Prospects List

We’ve reached the midway point of the season and with that the prospect team here at Fake Teams has updated the top 50 of our consensus prospect list.

The Buy and Hold, 2016 Week 13

We have two new prospects added to the list this week, including another first base prospect in AAA.

MLB Futures Game: Looking at the World Roster

The World roster features our top fantasy prospect still in the minors along with a couple of high ceiling starting pitchers.

MLB Futures Game: Looking at the U.S. Roster

The roster is filled with a number of top prospects, including two top shortstops and a number of outfielders.

The Buy and Hold, 2016 Week 12

Another week, another graduate from the previous week’s Buy and Hold. Who are the top 10 fantasy prospects still in the minors who can help this year?

Moving On Up: A.J. Reed, 1B, Astros

The Astros have called up the top first base prospect in the minors, A.J. Reed. What can he do for your fantasy team the rest of the way?

The Buy and Hold, 2016 Week 11

There are three new names on this week’s list of the top 10 fantasy prospects who can help in redraft leagues.

Moving on Up: Willson Contreras

The Cubs have called up Willson Contreras to the majors. What could he be for fantasy owners going forward?

Taking Advantage of the Sellers: Oakland Athletics