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Week 3 bold predictions: Joe Burrow is about to light it up

Joe Burrow is in for a BIG week.

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Each week I give five bold predictions for the coming slate of NFL games. I also grade those bold picks on the old elementary scale of grades A-D.

Here’s what I’ve got for Week 3:

1. Carolina Panthers vs. Los Angeles Chargers over/under is 43.5. Give me under at 37.5

Justification: Christian McCaffrey is out, Chargers need their defense to come through and there is a chance they are without Tyrod Taylor. The Chargers scored an average of 18 points through the first two weeks meanwhile McCaffrey has accounted for 24 of the Panthers’ 47 points this year.

2. Will Fuller is currently slotted as the WR38 this week, he will be in the top 15

Justification: His injury held him back last week but he will rebound this week against a Pittsburgh defense that is allowing opposing WR’s to do well. I think Fuller either has over 100 receiving yards or a TD (or maybe both).

3. Alvin Kamara is slotted as the RB1 this week, he will fall outside the top 10

Justification: Kamara will have a decent game but he’s now had three touchdowns in the first two games, I could see one slight regressed game coming. The Packers are allowing the yardage but I think it’s not unheard of to see Kamara get 50-70 yards but no touchdown this week.

4. Joe Burrow is currently slotted as the QB20, he will be top 10

Justification: Anyone who saw last week saw Burrow putting on a clinic under pressure. Sure the Browns have some gaps, but Burrow is clearly getting into a swing with A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd. The line is obviously concerning as he’s getting hit a lot but he’s finding the open man and hitting the passes on a very consistent basis.

5. Jimmy Graham is slotted as the TE25, he will be top 12

Justification: Graham isn’t being used a lot but the Falcons allowed touchdowns to both Greg Olsen and Dalton Schultz. I could see Graham finding the end zone this week. If nothing else Mitchell Trubisky on the run might go to Jimmy Graham as a quick alternative.

2020 Grades

Grade A: 2 times
Grade B: 2 times
Grade C: 2 times
Grade D: 4 times

Week 2 Outcomes

EPICLY bad week – combination of injuries, family matters and just flat out wrong predictions.

1. DeAndre Hopkins is projected as a top 3 WR, he finishes outside the top 10. Outcome: DeAndre finished with 49 yards and no touchdowns. Almost exactly as I predicted. Remember this because it gets REAL ugly after this. Grade A.

2. Rob Gronkowski is slotted as 17th best TE, he finishes inside the top 8. Outcome: Rob had one target and no catches. Grade D.

3. Jimmy Garoppolo throws for over 325 yards for just the third time in his last 30 games. Outcome: Jimmy got injured mid game and only threw for 123 yards. I feel confident he could have done it if he were healthy. Grade D.

4. James White is slotted as 34th RB, he will be a top 15 RB this week. Outcome: Very sad death in the family, James did not play. Grade D.

5. Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers O/U is 40.5, give me the under at 36.5. Outcome: Late points pushed this over 40.5.