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Is Will Fuller a must-start in Week 3?

Plus, should you start Ryan Tannehill or Aaron Rodgers?

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Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag! If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag, here are the ways to join:

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: Do I let Will Fuller ruin my hopes and dreams for another week or ride/die with Corey Davis or Jeff Wilson (Full PPR)
— @Harry_NFL

The Will Fuller conundrum is a real one. Here’s how I’m treating Will Fuller until he proves otherwise. I will not rank Fuller anything more than a FLEX and he should be started as a boom-or-bust guy. If your lineup is so damn solid that you’re like “Will Fuller could give me negative points and I’d still win” ride with Fuller and let’s see what he can do. If you’re trusting Fuller to reliably give you WR2 numbers, then I would rather start Corey Davis this week. I actually have Davis ranked one spot ahead of Fuller this week so there’s your easy answer.

I know my fellow Fake Teamers like Nic and Clark are so into Fuller that they will start him with reckless abandon, but I’m not sold and I also really like this Steelers secondary so it’s not even as though Fuller has an amazing matchup to run game with. Davis has accounted for 20.3% of the Titans targets (T-29th in the NFL) and is facing the terrible, TERRIBLE Vikings secondary.

tl;dr — Corey Davis

Q: with George Kittle out again this week, I need a TE to stream. who do you recommend?
— Kasey A.

If you need a tight end to stream this week then I humbly suggest to you Logan Thomas. Thomas is rostered in 31% of Yahoo leagues so he’s likely available for you and he has a terrific matchup this week against the Browns. The Browns have allowed the second most targets and receptions, sixth most yards, and most touchdowns to tight ends to start the year. Thomas meanwhile is averaging 8.5 targets per game so far. With what’s sure to be a big role against a great matchup, Thomas is the perfect streamer this week.

Q: I got 2 for you. Should I go Evan Engram or Jonnu smith this week? Also, Tannehill against the Vikings or Rodgers vs NO.
— @Ben_Quinones

Start Jonnu Smith always and forever (until it’s time to not start Jonnu Smith). I’m all for taking advantage of a matchup and there currently isn’t any better matchup for team’s passing games than facing the Minnesota Vikings. Despite allowing the fifth fewest receptions to tight ends so far this season (6), the Vikings are allowing the 10th most receiving yards (123). Quick math tells us the Vikings are allowing a staggering 20.5 yards per reception to tight ends to start this season. I fully expect Smith to ball out again this week.

Honestly at quarterback, you can’t go wrong with either. Ryan Tannehill is coming off a stellar game and I actually just dropped Jimmy Garoppolo to pick up Tannehill and am comfortably starting him in my superflex spot this week. Again, I love how bad the Vikings secondary is.

On the other hand, Aaron Rodgers is playing like a ferocious, grizzled werewolf determined to rip the jugular out of any one stupid enough to doubt him. Still, possibly missing Davante Adams and facing a tougher Saints defense, I’d go with starting Tannehill this week.

Q: rank your top 5 current NBA player nicknames?
— Will G.

Alright I’ll say this at the start, I went maybe a different way with this question than was intended. I went with not just my top 5 current NBA player nicknames, but top 5 current NBA player nicknames you might no have known were nicknames. Everyone knows the likes of CP3, Stiffle Tower, Greek Freak, etc, so I decided to go a little more obscure with my list.

Here it is:

5. Big Penguin - Andre Drummond: I feel this nickname fits my perception of Drummond to a T so I’m a million percent here for it. Also, penguins are bad ass animals and need to become more popular in sports.

4. Timelord - Robert Williams: The Celtics homer in me loves this nickname and the fact that it has become so widely known is part of its splendor.

3. Swaggy L - Luka Doncic: I have never heard anyone call Luka Doncic “Swaggy L” but let me assure you that is all I will ever call him from this point onwards. That or Luka DonThicc.

2. Big Honey - Nikola Jokic: The fact that “Joker” has become so popular for Jokic when he already has the nickname “Big Honey” is a goddamn crime.

1. Don’t Google - Evan Fournier: Just read this.

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