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Week 2 Bold Predictions: James White comes on strong this week

Another former Patriot also has a solid week 2

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

It’s time for some NFL Week 2 BOLD predictions! As always, I’ve got five bold predictions and I grade those five bold picks on the old elementary scale of grades A-D.

Here are my predictions for Week 2.

1. DeAndre Hopkins is projected as a top 3 WR, he finishes outside the top 10

Justification: Last week, the Washington Football Team limited a talented Carson Wentz and his receiving corp to no more than 55 receiving yards. I’m not saying that DeAndre Hopkins is Jalen Reagor or DeSean Jackson so I think he will have some yards, probably around 80 yards receiving with no touchdowns putting him around WR 12 to 15. This isn’t a question of Hopkins or Kyler Murrays talents, it’s a question of a sub average Arizona line against a VERY good Washington defensive line that has Chase Young, Jonathan Allen and Montez Sweat.

2. Rob Gronkowski is slotted as TE17, he finishes inside the top 8

Justification: Carolina allowed Darren Waller 45 yards last week across eight targets. Assuming (big assumption here) that Brady goes to Gronk instead of OJ Howard, I could see Gronk getting 70 yards or a touchdown. Brady targeted Howard six times last week and Gronk three times. If Gronk had caught the pass through the middle, he would have been an attractive fantasy player last week.

3. Jimmy Garoppolo throws for over 325 yards for just the third time in his last 30 games

Justification: The Jets defense allowed Josh Allen to throw the ball around with too much ease in Week 1. They should be more prepared to rebound but I think Shanahan will plan on picking up where he left off with the nearly 260 yards he passed against Arizona. That was an Arizona secondary that is average, this is a Jets secondary that is considerably worse.

4. James White is slotted as RB34, he will be a top 15 RB this week

Justification: The Patriots game vs. Miami last week wasn’t nearly the challenge that this week will be. Given a defensive line that is about as weak as Miami, coupled with a closer game, I see White playing a bigger part of the offense and receiving more touches with the ball. If Seattle concentrates on shutting down Cam Newton, who had two touchdowns last week, options such as White will become attractive for their offensive plans.

5. Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers O/U is 40.5, give me the under at 36.5

Justification: Both teams fell under 32 total points last week. This could mean their offensives are primed to bounce back and score in bunches, but both the Broncos and Steelers boast talented defenses and an affinity for running the football.

2020 Grades

Grade A: 1 times
Grade B: 2 times
Grade C: 2 times
Grade D: 0 times

Week 1 Outcomes

1.) New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills over/under is 39. Give me the over at 45. Outcome: They finished at 44, above 39 but just shy of the predicted 45. Grade B.

2.) Teddy Bridgewater is currently slotted at 25th, he will be a top 8 QB this week against the Las Vegas Raiders Outcome: Teddy finished last week with 269 yards, a touchdown and 26 yards rushing. He finished 17th best QB. A far cry from 8th but also better than 25th. Grade C.

3.) Raheem Mostert is currently slotted as the 21st best RB, he will be a top 8 RB this week. Outcome: Raheem hit a great slant route en route to a 76 yard reception for a touchdown. He finished 5th last week. Grade A.

4.) Ju-Ju Smith Schuster will have 110 receiving yards and a TD, more than he had in any game last season. Outcome: JuJu had just 69 yards but two receiving TDs. If you started him, he was a top 10 WR and you were pleased. Grade B.

5.) Hunter Henry is currently slotted as a top 7 TE. I think he lands outside the top 15. Outcome: Hunter finished last week with 73 yards putting him at TE11. This was not top 7 sitting in between the two. This and Teddy are fairly neutral. Grade C.

Grading scale:

Grade A. Nailed it.
Grade B. It somehow fell short but if you followed it you likely still benefitted from it greatly (for example a QB was supposed to have 400 passing yards but he only had 375)
Grade C. It missed by a decent margin, there was a hint of something there
Grade D. Egregiously missed, I feel great shame for leading you down this path.