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Start Jonnu Smith or Chris Herndon?

Plus, should you add Scotty Miller or Parris Campbell off waivers?

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Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag! If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag, here are the ways to join:

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: TE prem PPR Jonnu, Herndon or Gesicki? Thanks Pete!
— @StillyRyan

So I initially had this whole spiel written about how I don’t trust Adam Gase to do anything remotely close to the right thing that would ultimately lead you to fantasy points and success, but then Jamison Crowder was reported out for Week 2 and now I’m tossing all that out the window to say... START CHIRS HERNDON. Seriously, I can’t name a single pass catcher on the Jets now outside of Herndon (Chris Hogan is there right?) which means Herndon is about to see a stupid number of targets against the 49ers. I don’t know of a world in which Herndon doesn’t see at least 10 targets this week given the lack of anything else for Sam Darnold to throw to.

Now, if you want my initial pick, it was Jonnu Smith. I like Gesicki to have a larger role in Week 2 with DeVante Parker still banged up heading into the week but the Bills defense is legit and has been one of the best tight end stoppers over the last couple of years. Meanwhile, the Titans will be without A.J. Brown this week meaning Smith is likely to also see an uptick in targets, maybe not to the same level as Herndon but still an increase.

Were this my roster, I’d play Smith. I’ve been burned by Gase coached players to trust ever again.

Q: Austin Ekeler, Nyheim Hines, and Malcolm Brown...who should I bench this week?
— Shaun F.

Bench Malcolm Brown. Until it is firmly proven otherwise, Austin Ekeler doesn’t leave your starting lineup, especially against the Chiefs, a team that welcomes opponents to run the football against them. This could be a big week for Ekeler managers. I haven’t shut up this week about Nyheim Hines and I’m not about to do so now! Jonathan Taylor will be the Colts primary running back, but the Vikings secondary was picked apart by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers last week and Hines’ ability in the passing game sets him up for another big fantasy game this week. Brown isn’t a bad start this week, but I don’t like him as much as Hines or certainly Ekeler.

Q: Better waiver add: Scotty Miller or Parris Campbell?
— Irie S.

Parris Campbell. Love me some Scotty Miller but Miller’s ceiling, baring serious injury to either Mike Evans or Chris Godwin, is WR3 in Tampa. Meanwhile, Week 1 showed us Philip Rivers likes Campbell and Campbell likes getting open. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Campbell finish as the Colts second leading receiver this year (could be even number one if T.Y. Hilton misses anytime).

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