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Who is playing in Fake Teams and Friends 2020?

A list of the combatants for Year 2.

2019 NLDS Game 1 - Washington Nationals v. Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

In last year’s inaugural extravaganza, Zack Waxman took home the title. Our guy Garrett Atkins (yes, that’s his real name) was the runner-up. Yours truly snuck up into third place, barely edging out Mike Kurland of the Bases Loaded podcast. There were other strong showings from local hoops guru Natty Wallach, Brian Entrekin of the “Benched with Bubba” podcast, and long-time Fake Teams commenter, “felsenraster.” Joe Gentile’s All-Sleeper team had a strong showing to be so risky, finishing 8th out of 15 teams.

What will this year hold? I can’t say! But I can tell you who the competitors are, and the field is STACKED in 2020. Here they are, guests first:

Mike Kurland - Creator/Host of the @BasesLoadedPod, Co-host of @DraftChampagne. Contributor for Fantrax & RotoBaller, FSWA Member. 2019 FSWA award finalist.

Brian Entrekin - FantasyDegens, The Quant Edge, Fantrax, RotoBallerMLB, SFGiants, On Wisconsin, Fins Up, Benched with Bubba, Co-host of @AlwaysPressDFS & @2PTConvDFS. FSWA.

Yancy Eaton - Rays aficionado. He’s listed in my phone as “YANCY MF EATON.” The most well-rounded man in fantasy sports, arguably. Drafting 11th behind yours truly in League 8 of TGFBI. I wonder, will either of us be coy with our picks today? (I don’t think so)

Jorge Montanez - aka RotoNiño. Fantasy Baseball writer for Fantrax, RotoBaller, and fantasybenefits. Co-host of @basesloadedpod, part of the RotoBaller Radio network.

T (WHUDEY) - A “retired” fanalyst. Studly former ranker at Fantasypros, former podcaster. Full-time dad. All around good dude (and quite the trash talker).

From Fake Teams...

Joe Gentile - Resident sleeper guru and purveyor of the annual All-Sleeper team (Joe will only make draft selections outside of the top 150 picks).

Ghoji Blackburn - He drafted and held onto Craig Kimbrel for all of 2019.

Mark Abell - Resident bold predictions guru, man of many fantasy sports and many talents.

Natty Wallach - You know him for his basketball shenanigans right here at Fake Teams, but he can get down on some fantasy baseball, too.

Pete Rogers - The main man, main editor, football guru, purveyor of dope graphics and videos, lover of Pete Alonso, etc. etc. etc.

Garrett Atkins - Last year’s runner-up who also had a heck of a run in TGFBI. Watch out for this one, he’ll sneak up on you!

Zack Waxman - Last year’s Fake Teams and Friends winner, creator/host of the wildly popular (already) Draft Champions podcast, member of the FSWA.

Felsen Raster - Long-time commenter here at Fake Teams, happy to have him back, hope he drinks enough coffee to stay up late enough!

Jonathan Butler - Father to one, our newest fantasy baseball contributor here at Fake Teams, and an all around fantasy sports enthusiast.

Heath Capps - I gotta list myself, right?

And that’s it! You can vote for your man in the comments. Who is going to take home top honors in 2020?