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Start Cooper Kupp, D.J. Chark, or Chase Claypool?

Plus, David Johnson or D’Andre Swift?

USA Today/Pete Rogers Illustrations

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: Would you go chark, claypool, or kupp at the flex
— @AlexButterfie19

Um, who are your starting two wide receivers because holy crap all three of these guys should be starting as your WR2 this week.

D.J. Chark still seems to be making his way back from injury and is considered day-to-day for the Jaguars so his status vs the Lions should be monitored. Honestly, the highest ceiling of the three is Chase Claypool. Claypool faces off against the Browns, who are giving up the second most points to wide receivers this season. If Diontae Johnson misses Week 6, Claypool will once again find himself the number two receiver for Pittsburgh and is likely to once again put up big numbers.

Highest floor, and the guy I would most trust to get a solid performance out of this week, goes to Cooper Kupp. Kupp has only seen less than five targets once this season and that was back in Week 1. Since then he’s averaging almost eight targets, six catches, and at least 66 yards a game. Even against the 49ers secondary, I trust Kupp to put forward reliable WR2 numbers.

Q: In my league with 1 PPR for WR, 1.5 PPR for TE, who should I play if I need 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 FLEX (assuming all are healthy)?

Julio Jones, Kenny Golladay, Robert Woods, Robby Anderson, Noah Fant, and Mike Gesicki

Also, David Johnson or DeAndre Swift this week?
— @a_a_ron_att

Right off the bat, I’m not starting Noah Fant this week. Fant is coming back from injury and facing the Patriots who have allowed only 8.2 PPR points per game to the position so far this season (T-5th best).

If Julio Jones doesn’t play vs the Vikings then the choice has been made for you. If he does suit up, you have to start him, along with Kenny Golladay and Mike Gesicki. I’d sit Robby Anderson this week as the Bears secondary has been legit this season, giving up just the third fewest points to wideouts this season.

Personally, I’d go with Swift this week. Much like Justin Timberlake, I have a feeling inside my bones that this will be D’Andre Swift’s breakout week. The Lions are coming off a bye and face a Jaguars defense currently giving up the 9th most points to backs this season. Johnson has the higher floor, but I think this is the week we see Swift take over the starting back gig in Detroit.

Q: In honor of the Astros and Lakers (and Dodgers to a less extent): what are your 5 least favorite teams in sports? From 5 to 1
— Will G.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger is easily one of my least favorite players in all professional sports.

4. Philadelphia Eagles/Sixers — I’ve combined the Eagles and Sixers because a) I hate both teams and b) I HATE Philly fans. They are objectively the worst and that’s coming from a Boston fan.

3. Whatever team LeBron James is currently on — I am a big fan of LeBron the person but watching LeBron play basketball and bitch about every call he doesn’t get fills me with the rage of a million dying stars. I hated the Heatles, I hated the Cavs, and I hate these Lakers (though not as much as I hated those Heatles. GOD I HATED THE HEATLES).

2. New York JetsThe Jets suck now and I love making fun of them for it, but the Rex Ryan Jets quite literally were the bane of my existence. The 2010 Divisional Round is to this day one of the worst games I have ever witnessed.

1. New York YankeesDuh. No matter what the Yankees do, I will always hate them and everyone who plays for them. Blame it on my Boston blood.

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