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Staff Post: Quarterbacks to target in 2019

Here are the quarterbacks you should target in your fantasy drafts.

USA TODAY/Pete Rogers Illustrations

You know the names of all 32 quarterback starters so it’s not as though there will be guys coming out of nowhere to take over leagues this year. That being said, there are plenty of quarterbacks who people might be overlooking or just looking past who could bring a lot to your fantasy squad.

With QB Week nearing its end, it’s time to hear which signal callers the staff here at Fake Teams is targeting in their fantasy drafts.

Deshaun Watson

Current FFC ADP: 5.07

Pete Rogers: If you want to go big at quarterback, here’s the guy you’re going big for. Watson is currently the fourth quarterback off the board behind Patrick Mahomes, Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers but I wouldn’t be surprised if Watson put together a better fantasy season than all three of those guys. I have him as my number one quarterback this year and so I’m spreading the gospel. I swear I’m not a Clark burner account.

Carson Wentz

Current FFC ADP: 7.09

Clark Barnes: Wentz is going as the QB8 and has a real shot at finishing as THE QB1. The Eagles felt comfortable enough with Wentz’s injury history ink a huge extension for him, and we’re all getting a gigantic discount because Carson isn’t showing up as a top 12 QB in last year’s ranks. This is the guy we’re going to look back on and say ‘oh, yeah, I should have drafted him as my QB’.

Cam Newton

Current FFC ADP: 9.02

Heath Capps: Cam Newton was formerly a bit of an unknown due to offseason shoulder surgery. However, he began throwing in May and is apparently “ready to roll.” With the positive reports on the shoulder and a plethora of passing game weapons at his disposal, Cam is a great value on draft day. I snagged him at pick 9.12 in League 13 of the RazzBowl, and I’m happy to have his passing/rushing upside on the squad. I’ll be taking the discount in 2019, much like many did with Andrew Luck a year ago. I seem to remember that working out pretty well...

Lamar Jackson

Current FFC ADP: 11.12

Barnes: Jackson, for all intents and purposes, is free. He can be your second QB and end up as a top 5 guy. I’ve seen enough from Jackson’s college tape to convince me that he is a real quarterback who happens to be a great runner instead of a runner who can maybe throw.

Kirk Cousins

Current FFC ADP: 12.10

Paddi Cooper: Forget about 2018 when Cousins was unprotected by a saloon door of an offensive line. With elite weapons out wide and in the backfield, he will be pushing to be a QB1 in 2019 as the Vikings get back on track.

Josh Allen

Current FFC ADP: 13.07

Mark Abell: I highlighted Josh Allen in my previous article. I’m all in on Josh Allen. His strength will rely on his feet where he was 2nd in QB rushing yards and 1st in rushing touchdowns. On the throwing end he has work to do, with only 2,074 passing yards last year (32nd in NFL; when corrected for 16 games he would have 2,765 which would have put him at 24th). He passed for 10 touchdowns which was 32nd in NFL (though when corrected for 16 games he would have 13 which would put him at 27th); however, beyond that, I think he has a chance to be durable much like Big Ben given his size. I think last year was a learning curve for him and we will see him adapt more to NFL play this year, he seems like a player who needs a year to really get a lay of the land. The coaches unanimously noted he would spend the offseason working on decision making and if he took that to heart than he should see a bump in his passing figures this year. Finally, I think the Bills offensive line is improved off last year and he will have more support.