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Which streaming quarterbacks are worth starting over Lamar Jackson?

Plus, what was your best Halloween haul?

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag! If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag, here are the ways to join:

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: I’m scared to play Lamar Jackson vs the Pats, so should I get Derek Carr, Sam Darnold, or Matt Moore to stream this week? Also, for my flex spot (full PPR): Michael Gallup, Tyrell Williams, Robby Anderson, or TJ Hockenson?
— @a_a_ron_att

I just had this same debate with my wife. She had Andy Dalton as her second QB (we play in a superflex league) and since he’s a) benched and b) on a bye, she needed to pick between Carr and Darnold. I don’t hate Carr given that he’s been amazingly consistent this year and playing a Lions defense that’s been giving up the second most touchdowns in the last four weeks. That being said... playing the Dolphins is such a hard matchup to pass on. If you needed a QB for the rest of the season, I’d vote getting Darnold given just how easy the Jets schedule is rest of the year. But since it’s just a spot start, go with Mr. Consistent Derek Carr.

Shit, that is a flex spot dilemma! At least I can say with confidence NOT T.J. Hockenson. Sadly Danny Amendola has kinda taken is slot role away from him, leaving him with not much to offer fantasy owners. Gallup vs the Giants is damn tempting but I have a hard time passing up on Williams who’s just been another super steady fantasy performer. He’s scored a touchdown in every game he’s played this season. Hard to say no to that.

Q: Lamar Jackson or Jameis Winston
— @ThyMatthewLewis

Winston hands down. He throws a lot of interceptions, but he also throws for a lot of yards and a lot of touchdowns. We all know what the Patriots defense has done so far this season, while the Seahawks defense is actually giving up the third most passing yards to quarterbacks this season. I would expect Winston to of course throw one or two interceptions this week, but he’s a lock for at least 300 passing yards and a couple touchdowns. Meanwhile, I have no faith in Lamar Jackson getting you above average fantasy points this week. I think the Patriots are going to take away his ability to run and force him to become a pocket passer and challenge their secondary, something that has not gone well for most every quarterback they’ve played.

Q: Samuels, D Monty or Marv Jones PPR flex?
— @StillyRyan

Marvin Jones. I expect this Lions offense to come out firing against the Raiders that’s giving up the sixth most points to opposing receivers. Plus, Curtis Samuels and David Montgomery’s matchups are much, much worse. I’m benching Montgomery in all my leagues. I have no faith in the Bears or him against this stout Eagles run defense.

Q: In honor of The Irishman, top 5 favorite Scorsese movies?!
— Will G.

So I’m gonna be honest, when looking over Scorsese’s filmography, I realized, I actually have not seen most of his movies. Haven’t seen Taxi Driver, Casino, Shutter Island, Silence or Raging Bull. Clearly need to get on that. As such, I’ve changed it to my top 3 Scorsese movies. They are as follows:

3. Shark TaleHAHAHAHAHAH I joke, but let this be a reminder to all that Scorsese starred in that film. God what a flop.

3. The Departed — I’m from Boston. What else can you expect?

2. Goodfellas — Classic gangster movie and I will always have a special place in my heart for Joe Pesci.

1. Gangs of New York — Somehow the Scorsese movie I’ve seen the most, also my favorite. LOVE Daniel Day Lewis in it and the set is incredible.

I’ve seen Wolf of Wall Street. Did not like it.

Q: whats the biggest candy haul you’ve had on halloween?
— Macy T.

The best Halloween night I’ve ever had was when my family was living in Princeton and we were in the grad student housing which were three giant apartment buildings; probably six or seven floors, each floor with maybe 10 or so apartments. Anyways, I’m pretty sure we were one of the only families in the whole apartment complex. My siblings and I each brought a pillow case and went door to door, every door in the whole complex and each filled three pillow cases of candy because people had bought a bunch but had only so many kids to give it to. Easily the best Halloween haul ever.

Because I know you’re curious, I dressed as a highlander in a kilt and my trick was that I would flash people... with glow in the dark skeleton boxers because my mom didn’t allow me to actually go commando in it. Something about it being illegal...

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