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5 Bold Predictions for NFL Week 18

Give me all the Mitchell shares this year AND next.

Houston Texans v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

It’s time to put a bow on the fantasy football season. Let’s do that with some bold predictions for NFL Week 18...

1.) Ryan Tannehill throws multiple TDs for just the fourth time this season.

Justification: Facing Houston—who isn’t great vs. the run—I could see the Titans running the ball a fair amount. But I think we see a solid Tannehill performance as well. Last year Tannehill had a total of five TDs vs. Houston, and him only having had one in their first matchup tells me there is some catching up to do.

2.) Cooper Kupp finishes outside the top 15 wide receivers.

Justification: Rams have their playoff bid locked in and the 49ers are fighting for a playoff berth. I could see the Rams letting up on the gas to avoid injuries or unnecessary situations in this one, and that could include sitting Cooper at halftime. Have some caution here.

3.) Josiah Deguara is a top 15 tight end.

Justification: Here is my deep Hail Mary play for the week. With Green Bay having a lot locked up, I could see some backups get quality time. And since they are facing Detroit, the backups could get some points. Josiah has at least three targets in each of his last four games having at least 10 receiving yards in three out of four. If you double that production, he could finish as a top 15 tight end.

4.) Eli Mitchell is a top 7 running back.

Justification: I don’t get why Eli would be outside the top 10 if he plays. He has 1st round draft ability written all over him. He has 90 yards rushing or a rushing TD in six of the last seven games he has played. The only concern is whether or not he is playing in the game.

5.) Washington vs. NYG has an over/under of 38, give me the over at 41 points.

Justification: Two teams that are bottom 10 in the league in points allowed lead into a game that offers little confidence in the offenses succeeding in light of recent play. That said, earlier this season they finished with 59 points, and last season they had 39 points and 43 points. One could argue not a ton has changed in terms of offense and defense on these two teams over that time. If anything, the Football team’s defense has a bounty of injuries right now.

YTD Grades:

A: 28
B: 9
C: 12
D: 30