Announcing the Fake Teams 2017 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

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This was an idea that was done last year and our staff had a ton of fun doing it so we're bringing it back 2017 STYLE BABY!

Starting Thursday, we will be having a 20 round, snake, mock fantasy baseball draft going for as long as it takes to make it through all 20 rounds. I will be posting Fanposts each consisting of 3-4 rounds and we will make our picks in the comment sections.

We will draft a C, 1B, 2B, S, 3B, CI, MI, 3 OF, UT, 9 pitchers (just like last year).

Now here comes the fun part.

We want you community members to participate! So far we have six of our staff signed on to draft. Those guys are:

  • myself
  • Rob Parker
  • Punk is Dead
  • Ghoji Blackburn
  • Mark Abell
  • Eddy Almaguer

I personally will be following Ghoji's "How to Draft" scripture to the T as I have no idea how to draft for fantasy baseball.

If you are interested in participating in this historic event, please leave a comment saying as such! And we might be live tweeting the event so leave your twitter handle in the comments as well (if you have one). If we haven't heard from you by Wednesday night 12 am PST, then sadly you won't be able to participate. SO JUST COMMENT RIGHT NOW!

The order will be random and that order will be announced Thursday morning with the first 3 rounds. I will make sure each Fanpost gets featured on the page so it'll be easy to find for everyone participating.

We ask that everyone make their picks within 8 hours of the last pick made. We understand that this will be slow. Hopefully over the weekend we can really get cruising and making our picks Fasterer and Furiouserer (that's the 10th movie in the series).

If you have any questions please either leave them in the comments or feel free to hit me up via twitter (@petemrogers) or via email (

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