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2017 Player Profiles: The Full List

Here is a complete listing of my 2017 player profiles with a convenient table summarizing my feelings on each player.

Baseball: World Baseball Classic Exhibion Game-Puerto Rico at Colorado Rockies
One of my favorite players to profile this offseason
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been passing the cold, dark nights since baseball ended by writing player profiles for the coming season. I’ve got projected batting and pitching lines, analysis, stats, sabermetrics, Statcast data, you name it. Since the season is finally close, I’ve collected links to all of my profiles in one place for your convenience.

For those that don’t have the desire to read all of those profiles, I’ve also included a handy table that lists each player and whether I think you should “buy” them, “sell” them, or “hold” them. These designations are based on whether I think you should seek players out in the draft (buy), let others grab them (sell), or pay the fair market prices (hold). “Buys” are guys that I think will outperform expectations, “sells” are the opposite, and “holds” are players that should perform how they are expected to.

2017 Player Profiles

Player Link To Article Buy, Sell, Hold
Player Link To Article Buy, Sell, Hold
Jason Heyward Link Buy
Dallas Keuchel Link Buy
Carlos Correa Link Buy
Matt Strahm Link Buy
Greg Bird Link Buy
Brian Dozier Link Sell
Sonny Gray Link Sell
Ian Kinsler Link Sell
Jake Odorizzi Link Hold
Troy Tulowitzki Link Sell
Jesse Chavez Link Buy
Mookie Betts Link Hold
Taijuan Walker Link Sell
Trevor Story Link Hold
Yu Darvish Link Buy
Corey Kluber Link Hold
George Springer Link Buy
Jose Abreu Link Sell
Drew Smyly Link Sell
Mike Napoli Link Buy
Julio Teheran Link Sell
Danny Duffy Link Sell
Zack Greinke Link Buy
Travis Shaw Link Buy

Note that some, like Jesse Chavez and Travis Shaw, are really just for deep leagues. You could also argue the same for Greg Bird and Matt Strahm, given their depth chart situations right now. I still like these guys, but you should factor in their playing time and the depth of your league when considering them.

I hope this is useful as you prep for your drafts and get excited about the 2017 fantasy baseball season. Look out for lots of great content coming soon from our great baseball team at Fake Teams to get you ready for the coming season. Opening Day is just 19 days away as I type this! Tschus!