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Down on the Farm: Excerpts From Keith Law Chat

ESPN's Keith Law held a chat at 7:30pm on Thursday night, and here are some excerpts. The first excerpt confirms what I have been saying for a few months now:

Frank McCourt (Judge Judy's Divorce Court)

Klaw, How much does the round a player was drafted bias a scout's evaluation of that player? It seems that with higher drafted players, there are excuses of a player's poor performance and more of an optimisitic view, whereas with the lower draft players (see Jerry Sands for example), there is more of a focus on the deficiencies of the player rather than the successes.

  (9:09 PM)

Happens all the time. I try to avoid it but I bet I fall victim to it at times too. It's especially true in player development - you have to promote that guy because he was a high pick, etc.

I had a feeling this was the school of thought with some of the experts ranking of Jerry Sands this offseason. Sands still has to prove himself at the major league level though.

More excerpts on Jed Lowrie, Anthony Rizzo and Joe Mauer, among others, after the jump:

Tom (Aurora, CO)

Keith, you have referred to using other scouts data when you have not had the opportunity to scout a particular player. When you rely on this 3rd party data, do you tend to lean towards colleagues who have a similar approach and mindset as your own or do you take any data you can gather and then shape the opinion based on methods that were used during the scouting?

  (7:35 PM)

Great question. I take input from as many scouts as I can, but I weight scouts whose opinions have proven more accurate in the past more heavily. And I love talking to scouts who have different approaches, not just because they'll highlight different players but because I am more likely to learn something.

I bet others may not take that same approach that KLaw takes. I guess you have to be willing to hear out opinions that are different from yours and be wrong on some prospects.

Johnny (Houston)

I drafted Lowrie in my 16 team league with the last pick. Do you think he can hit 20 HR and bat above .300 for the rest of the season? Will this put him as a top 3 SS?

  (7:53 PM)

15-20 HR and .280-.300 seems like a good median projection.

KLaw has been taking fantasy questions of late and here is one of them. I guess if Lowrie is sitting on the waiver wire it is time to pick him up. Wow.

Brad (Chicago)

When the idea of Mauer switching positions comes up the talk is usually of him moving to 1st. Why couldn't he play 3rd or OF? Wouldn't 1B be a waste of his athleticism?

  (7:58 PM)

I'd try RF. Third base involves more learning, I think.

I wonder how soon we will see Mauer change positions. His huge contract tells me the Twins will move him so they can get him in their lineup as much as possible.

Matt (Belmont)

Keith, Crow is off to an excellent start. Is he best suited for the relief role and could he become elite, closer level long term? Thanks.

  (7:59 PM)

Yes, and I think that he could.

Those in dynasty or long-term keeper leagues take notice. Pick up Crow if you can.

John (Lexington, KY)

Are there any of your top ranked prospects that could be up any day now? Or are they all being kept down to save money?

  (8:04 PM)

I'm figuring we see a wave in June, led by Chisenhall and Ackley.

I think we knew about these two, but hearing another's opinion is helpful. I think Mike Moustakas will be in that group as well. Rays outfielder Desmond Jennings could be up sooner.

Rob (LA)

Even if the Dodgers situation gets worse before it gets better, yesterday was worth it. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last!

  (8:17 PM)

Huge news for Dodgers' fans. And I suppose there are parking-garage fans too who will be happy to get Frank back.

Yeah man!!!

Randy (LA)

Keith- when all is said and done, how good is Kershaw going to be?

  (8:18 PM)

Top 5 in the league. Maybe top 5 in the game.

Posted for my friend who thinks David Price will have a better year than Kershaw this year. KAPOW!

Dan (San Diego)

With Hawpe struggling, do you think the Padres will call up Anthony Rizzo?

  (8:20 PM)

I think they'll hold him down at least until June but I bet they'd prefer to see him log even more time there.

I own Rizzo in the UBA league and could see them bring him up in June. He has been raking in AAA and has stolen a few bags as well.

That's it for now, and I am only about halfway through the chat. More on Sunday or Monday.