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Jeff Suppan

The Brewers signed innings-eater and solid citizen Jeff Suppan for four years and $42MM.  His strikeouts are mediocre (104 in 2006), and his WHIPs, minus 2003's 1.31, have ranged from 1.37 to 1.49 since 1999.

Nothing in those numbers make him a draftable starting pitcher in anything but the most Wins-obsessed leagues.  Those Ks in combination with the high innings-weighted WHIPs make him less valuable than the top middle relievers/closers who strikeout 80+ with good ratios.

What I wonder is why the Brewers wouldn't pursue Carl Pavano from the Yankees in exchange for some cash and Tony Gwynn, Jr and Brad Nelson.  Gwynn, Jr. is a much better reserve OFer than Melky Cabrera should be, and Brad Nelson puts a dimished prospect, but prospect nonetheless, in the system.  The Brewers would have a younger and cheaper pitcher with less long-term risk.

Did you realize when Pavano's contract runs its course, he will hit the free agent market at the same age as Jeff Suppan is right now?