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Barry Zito

According to the NY Post reports:

"We've gotten offers from every team we've dealt with," Boras said. "We're past the preliminary meet-and-greet stages."

In reality, the Mets still had yet to make an offer by the end of business yesterday, according to the source...

Instead of launching into a Boras-is-a-liar post, I'm more curious to learn where everyone would prefer Zito to land and why. The four teams mentioned as legitimate suitors are the Mets, the Rangers, San Francisco and Seattle.

From a personal POV, I'd like to see Seattle. Why? I have him in an AL-only league. He's $22 and protectable in a league where B-level SPs go for $18-$25 at the draft. But at that price, I wouldn't be too upset if he didn't land there.

From a non-fantasy perspective, I believe he would be the missing piece in Texas. With Millwood and Padilla, the Rangers rotation would have the horses to pitch effectively and allow their offense to do the rest. While Rangers pitching prospects always seem to fail, eventually one, or two, will not. If the HDVD (Hurley, Danks, Volquez, Diamond) quartet produces two, then you've got five starters not including Tejeda.