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Todd Helton Trade Rumors

Today's LATimes and Denver Post bring back the trade rumor that surfaced at the Winter Meetings involving Rockies 1B Todd Helton and a slew of cash to the Angels for a slew of prospects - Casey Kotchman, Erick Aybar and Jeff Mathis.  Since then, the Rockies have filled their CF need with Willy Taveras (Aybar would have been moved there) and resigned C Yorvit Torrealba to caddy rookie Chris Iannetta through his rookie season.

Would those three be worth taking regardless of playing time just to move Helton's contract - an albatross that makes the Ancient Mariner's appear to be a canary resting on his finger?  I'd answer, "Yes!" and use the chips to in future deals.

Normally, I'd say Kotchman would slide right into firstbase, but my colleague at Purple Row suggests this would allow RF Brad Hawpe to return to the infield.  With Hawpe at 1B, RF Jeff Baker would have the way cleared for everyday ABs and the chance to live-up to the hype he had coming out of Clemson U.

If that held, Baker wouldn't be the only fantasy beneficiary.  AA masher Joe Kashansky would immediately become a well-known sleeper in all formats.

Either way, a Todd Helton trade would have very pleasant effects for fantasy baseballers.