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Barry Zito

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The NY Post reports the Mets needed to fly out to California to meet with Zito because he refused to come to New York. This would seem to be a bad sign for the Mets as Zito did fly to Texas to meet with the Rangers.

I'm not convinced it isn't hardball negotiating though. Something similar to a Master of the Universe having a higher chair for himself in his office than he does for his visitors.

What I believe is insurmountable for the Mets is their hopes that a $75MM contract plus the intangibles of New York can overcome a $100MM from Texas. Because of this:

---Tax Rates---
State Low High
NEW YORK 4 - 6.85
TEXAS No State Income Tax

So in addition to those "intangibles" making up the $25MM difference, they also need to account for the $5.1375 MM more in taxes Zito would pay if he took the NY offer. That is effectively a $30.1375MM discount for those "intangibles"!

As Derek Jeter demonstrates, intangibles go a long way, but they didn't even get him the MVP!