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Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

Amongst the various factors I use to determine who qualifies as a sleeper for the upcoming season, I take note of news that players are getting into shape or already have.  

It is difficult for me to tell who is flabby and who is not with the exception of the fattest players i.e. David Wells, so this is a piece of intel I like to read.

I suspect it is the same for other people, too.  So when I read that Carl Pavano was headed out to Arizona for some high-tech training, I immediaetly placed him on my 2007 sleeper list.

After the Astros dealt Willy Taveras, the centerfield job has been "given" to 2B-turned-OF Chris Burke.  However, I just read that  Jason Lane has dropped 15 lbs and asked to be allowed to compete for the job.

He's always on my sleeper list, but I think 2007 may finally be my time to be right about him!

Orlando Palmeiro can't play center, can he?