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Toronto Blue Jays

Yesterday, Buster Olney broke the news that the Blue Jays were making OF Alex Rios available in trade talks to address their rotation issues.  This morning I am reading Richard Griffin's Toronto Star column and see this:

It's clear Ricciardi would rather trade players like Dustin McGowan and Adam Lind for his needed pitcher, but is not sure that will get him where he wants to go in terms of talent.

The only way Lind and McGowan don't get JP the pitcher he wants is because his off-season moves send the signal he has no idea what he has in Lind and other saavy GM's will refuse to act otherwise and low-ball him.

The this:

There is an argument for moving an outfielder [Johnson or Rios]. Both incumbent guys bat right-handed and the Jays need another left-handed bat in the lineup, with just Lyle Overbay and Gregg Zaun providing balance. But if Rios or Johnson goes, whither the Jays' outfield?

Hey!  Doesn't Lind bat left-handed?


It would require, at minimum, Rios as an enticement to wrest Brad Penny from the Dodgers or to get Jon Lieber from the Phillies as mid-rotation additions...

The bold-face type is mine.  Shouldn't that read, "It would require, at minimum, Brad Penny as an enticement to wrest Alex Rios from the Blue Jays?"

And how do you put Jon Lieber in the same discussion as Brad Penny?  The Phils would have to give a lot more than just Jon Lieber to land Rios.