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Vernon Wells

As I read Dayn Perry's assessment of the Vernon Wells extension on, I was struck by the penultimate sentence:

Considering the overheated market we've seen this winter, this is an eminently defensible decision by Toronto, and if Wells hits as he did this past season, then this could be bargain of the winter.

It caused me to cringe in the memory of the last bubble free agent market where ARod got $252MM, Jeter got $189MM and Manny Ramirez got $160MM.  It has been five years, and no one has matched those contracts.

I read Mr. Perry's article after doing some preliminary work on a trade proposal for a $33 Wells in my AL-only keeper league.  I do not have a player at tthe same salary so I needed to examine his 2006 season in context of his career numbers.  Like Mark DeRosa (to the nth power!), Wells enjoyed a career-season in 2006.  In fact, his previous two seasons were of the .270AVG/single-dgit SB variety.  Not something I'd try to acquire at $33 in exchange for players $10+ dollars cheaper.

Point?  Sometimes fantasy baseball owners need to wipe away some of the hype and act more rationally than the real world conventional wisdom.