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B.J. Upton

The Devil Rays signed Japanese Gold Glove equivalent Akinori Iwamura to a three-year deal with an option for a 4th.  With B.J Upton at 3B, Ben Zobrisst at SS, Jorge Cantu at 2B and top prospects 3B Evan Longoria and SS Reid Brignac in AA, there is now an infield logjam to accompany the OF one that already existed.

Something is happening in Tampa Bay, the only question is what.  The Iwamura signing signals the end of B.J Upton Experiment or the Jorge Cantu Era.  I'm leaning towards the Upton scneario based on this report:

The Rays observed Iwamura playing third base for Japan in the World Baseball Classic, and his performance prompted their bid for his services. During the Classic, he hit .389 in six games for the championship-winning team.