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Mike Gonzalez

Today's NY Post reports the Yankees are ready to send 22-year-old OF Melky Cabrera to the Pittsburgh Pirates for 28-year-old lefty closer Mike Gonzalez.  All that stands in the way is the Pirates say-so, and the Yankees willingness to include a minor prospect:

The Pirates are high on Cabrera and want a minor-league prospect added to the pot.

"They can make that deal [Cabrera for Gonzalez] right now if they want," a source said of the Yankees.

I am a big fan of Melky Cabrera for reasons stated repeatedly this past summer - age, strikeout rates, the prematurity of the baseball punditry writing the 20-year-old off in 2005 based on 19 ABs, but I wouldn't deal for him if I were the Pirates.  Why?

The mean reason is the lack of fit between what Melky provides and what the Pirates need.  The Bucs do not need another 10-15 HR OF.  They have a couple cheapies already in Chris Duffy and Nate McLouth, and RF Jose Bautista looks like Jeremy Burnitz minus the salary (25 HR/.350 OBP/.250 AVG.)

While Melky's OBP skills shine in the Pittsburgh line-up, he doesn't provide the pop GM Dave Littlefield has repeatedly stated he wants - a lefty slugger to play RF or 1B.

However, that unnamed prospect could change everything though.  If it is one of the Yankees highly-regarded pitching ones i.e. reliever Kevin Whelan or J. Brent Cox, then my opinion changes.  The Pirates are a bad team and stock-piling quality chips overwhelms the specifics.