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Red Sox New Closer

Not sure what to make of the latest acquistion by the Red Sox (despite the title of the post), but that will never stop me from going ahead and trying!  This afternoon, the Red Sox acquired RHP Brendan Donnelly in exchange for 27-year-old minor league lefty Phil Seibel.

Both players should be watched, but Donnelly mostly due to the uncertain closing situation in Boston.  Do I think Donnelly will close?  No, but I am aware that the market for closers is priced dearly, and the Sawx may decide to revist Theo's initial inclinations of not paying for a closer.

This approach would necessitate accumulating arms in hopes one steps-up.  Donnelly has had decent numbers in the past and has pitched on a World Series winner.  That is enough to get a shot at closing.

Phil Seibel has no chance of closing for the Angels, but note he moved to the bullpen in AAA and dominated to the tune of 22Ks, 3 BBs, 6H in 15 innings of work.  A $1 end-of-draft bid could pay-off nicely.