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Up and Coming Closers

With the volitility in the closer's role, smart fantasy baseball owners keep close tabs on the back-ups.  It is axiomatic that every team has a back-up.  It is just unclear in many cases who that back-up is.  New York anyone?

Here is a list of top-of-everyone's mind back-ups:  Baltimore Danys Baez, Detroit Joel Zumaya, California Scot Shields, Atlanta Rafael Soriano, Houston Dan Wheeler, Chicago Kerry Wood, Pittsburgh Salomon Torres, Arizona Jorge Julio, Los Angelos Jonathan Broxton and San Diego Scott Linebrink.

That is just 10 relievers.  Nevermind that fact I do not know any statistic measuring how many of the obvious back-up closers become the closer during the season preceding their designation as the back-up.

Regardless, I'd feel safe over-bidding on any of those pitchers.  Yes, even Danys Baez and Jorge Julio!