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Jose Vidro

What is Seattle GM Bill Bavasi thinking?  Why would he want 2B Jose Vidro through 2009?  I am at a loss to understand why doesn't prefer Ben Broussard at DH over Vidro.

After all, he did deal promising OF Shin Soo Choo for him.  Or was that Eduardo Perez for AAA shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera?

The guys at NBC Sports are exactly right.  Someone needs to fire Bavasi before he can do more harm.

There is one possibility that no one wants to voice.  Maybe Bavasi acquired Vidro with the intention that he would play 2B over 23-year-old Jose Lopez.

Or maybe Bavasi is upset that his step-brother, James Dolan, gets all the attention in professional sports.

The M's fans over at Lookout Landing are R-rated and only because language can't get an X.