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AL West Trades Fake Teams Would Make

After a scrumptious continental breakfast following my third night at the Holiday Inn Express, my over-qualifications for proposing major league trades should be apparent.

And the AL West teams need just those qualifications to break through the morass of needs and the lack of trading chips to address those!

(Except for the Angels, of course.)

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Angels need a 3B and a 1B to go with some OBP skills.

Trade:  RHP Joe Saunders, Jeff Mathis and Kendry Morales to the Houston Astros for Morgan Ensberg.

Oakland Athletics

The A's need another starting pitcher following the Zito defection and Harden's injury status.

Trade:  Good luck, Billy Beane's reputation preceeds him.  Dan Johnson to the Tigers for Mike Maroth.

Texas Rangers

The Rangers need outfielders.

Trade:  Reliever Joaquin Benoit to the Pittsburgh Pirates for CF Chris Duffy.

Seattle Mariners

The Mariners need starting pitching.

Trade:  CF Jeremy Reed to the Atlanta Braves for LHP Horacio Ramirez.

Update [2006-11-8 11:4:0 by Eric Hz]: From this AM's Philadelphia Inquirer:

We've only got four-fifths of our rotation right now," Gillick said. "We've got to get another starter, and I don't see that starter coming out of our organization. It'll have to come from outside.

The Mariners could also deal Reed to the Phils for Ryan Madson.

  Update [2006-11-8 11:4:0 by Eric Hz]: From:

Jason Jennings, 28, is eligible for free agency after next season. The Rockies exercised his option for '07 on Tuesday, but their chances of signing him to an extension are slim; Jennings' price is almost certain to soar beyond the team's range. Trading Jennings would hurt the Rockies' ability to compete in '07, but it's doubtful they could win the NL West even if they kept him. Better they should flip Jennings for a younger starting pitcher, the center fielder they need ? or both.