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AL Central Trades Fake Teams Would Make.

Another good night's sleep at a Holiday Inn Express has me more qualified than ever to propose trades major league teams should make.

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers could use more patience at the plate, and they have an abundnace of pitching to use to get some.

Trade: LHP Nate Robertson and OF Craig Monroe to the Texas Rangers for 1B Mark Texeiera.

Minesota Twins

The Twins need starting pitching following Liriano's TJS and Brad Radke's retirement.

Trade: 2B Luis Castillo to the New York Mets for RHP Aaron Heilman.

Chicago White Sox

The White Sox need a LF.

Trade: RHP Freddy Garcia to the Philadelphia Phillies for LF Pat Burrell.  

Cleveland Indians

The Indians need bullpen help.

Trade:  1B Ryan Garko to the Houston Astros for reliever Chad Qualls.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals need pitching.

Trade:  OF David Dejesus to the Pittsburgh Pirates for reliever Salomon Torres and OF Nate McLouth.

Any bullpen needs can be met in the free agent market by taking chances on the recovering power arms of Eric Gagne, Kerry Wood, and Octavio Dotel. Danys Baez also offers bullpen improvement.