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Trades I'd Like to See

After years of making trades in fantasy baseball leagues, there are few fantasy participants who think they are unqualified to make major league trades.

After sleeping at a Holiday Inn Express, I know I'm ultra-qualified!

Here is a trade apiece for each of the AL East teams with some rationale.

New York Yankees

Deal OF Gary Sheffield to the NL.  While there may be a better offer in the AL, not having to face Sheffield "x" number of times during the regular season outweighs the potential return from an AL team.

Trade: Gary Sheffield to the San Francisco Giants for Kevin Correia and Travis Ishikawa.

Update [2006-11-6 11:17:37 by Eric Hz]: From the blog of Pete Abraham, The Journal News Yankees beat writer:

How about Sheff to Houston for Brad Lidge? Sheff to San Diego for Josh Bard and a prospect? Something like that. Those were two deals I heard had been talked about. The deal will probably come before the GM meetings start on Nov. 13 so Cashman can move on to other matters.

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox need to fill the left side of their infield.

Trade: CF Coco Crisp to the Colorado Rockies for AAA CF Jeff Salazar and AA 3B Ian Stewart.

Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays need a middle infielder who can hit.

Trade: CF Vernon Wells to the Anaheim Angels for SS Orlando Cabrera and AAA CF Reggie Willits.

Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles need owner Peter Angelos to but(t) out.  Less seriously, the Orioles need stability in the OF.

Trade:  RHP Kris Benson to the Phillies for CF Aaron Rowand.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

The Devil Rays need pitching!

Trade:  Deal Jorge Cantu and AAA OF Elijah Dukes to the Padres for RHP Clay Hensley.

These proposals reflect a discount for pending free agency, arbitration-eligiblity and "forced hands."

If these discounts are off, then the aforementioned offers will look more like I stayed at a by-the-hour motel rather than a Holiday Inn Express.