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Trades I'd Make

The title of this post appears to be the lede du jour in the mainstream baseball media.

Earlier in the week, ESPN's Buster Olney posted Ten Moves he'd make.  Yesterday, Peter Gammons addressed Ten Rumors in his behind-the-subscription wall.

This morning's NY Post has Joel Sherman's version.  This one is limited to five trades.

Click through to read his specifics.  I'd like to point out a couple of pieces of information contained within the bloggy proposals.

The first:

They [the Mets] have inquired about the White Sox's Freddy Garcia, but the request of Milledge and Phil Humber or Mike Pelfrey is too much for a pitcher a year from free agency.

Wow!  If that is the market for a high-mileage Freddy Garcia, then all trade proposals for a SP must be increased by a factor of two.

i.e. Mr. Sherman's Dontrelle Willis for minor league prospects Miguel Montero and Chris Young must be bumped up by the additions of middle relievers Juan Cruz and Brandon Medders!

Within the same FLA/MIA scenario, there is this news-breaking tidbit:

...This would be difficult for the D'backs because they love Young (they would prefer to move Justin Upton) ....

The D'backs have soured on uber-prospect Justin Upton?

Quick!  Someone alert Baseball America before they make him a Top 5 overall prospect in baseball!

  Update [2006-11-6 10:20:33 by Eric Hz]: I posted a diary on John Sickel's site to determine whether or not anyone else had heard about the Dback preference for CY over JUp. Here is the link.